What Are The Stress Symptoms In Men

Stress is thought to be the emotional and physical tensions caused by the demands and pressures in our life. Life is not possible without stress and most of us take stress as a challenge that gives a little twist in our everyday existence.  Stress affects everyone including men and if stress is not anymore manageable, it is not good, it may damage your health, your behaviours, your social relationships, and even your whole life. What are the stress symptoms in men? Does it affect differently or just the same?

Men like any others are affected by stress and they undergo series of physical and psychological difficulties due to different symptoms. Some stress symptoms in men are given below:

Intense fatigue is one of the common stress symptoms experienced by men. It is when their body lacks enough energy due to severe fatigue or exhaustion. If you feel weak, your body cannot work well resulting into abandoning of responsibilities and poor work performance because you cannot gain focus anymore. This fatigue is not only for body but as well as for mind works which causes an individual to burst out due to pressures. Furthermore a person may feel de-motivated because every failure lowers down his energy level.

Sleeping problems and some acute issues like insomnia are also symptoms of stress for men. A person may experience irregular sleep like he can sleep too long or only sleep for hours. Additionally, he can experience frequent nightmares.

Extreme nervousness affects the psychological stability of a person and the individual tend to worries for even minute things that ask slight or no attention at all. Continuous nervousness can cause bad thinking and destroys the mental aspect of a person. If a person lives in fear and worry, it can harm both the mind and the body.

Irritability or sudden mood changes is a kind of behavioural symptoms that marks the occurrence of stress. Men under stress easily lose patience and even just a small problem can lead to bigger issues. When the irritation builds up inside, the tendency of our body and mind is to provoke anger and other related violent behaviours.

Guilt and the feeling of being worthless increase the strength of stress. A deep emotional grief of past happenings or breakdown, leads to the feeling of being worthless causing the individual to constantly blame himself until he feels self-pity, thus lead to isolation.

Stress symptoms in men can be managed by different stress management techniques if only handled properly. A sufferer should not be hesitant in asking advice from the professional or to any member of the family or friends so that stress will be easily eliminated.

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