How to Lose Weight in a Week


Can you lose weight in a week? Yes you can but… how much weight can you lose naturally. 2 pounds weight loss in a week in considered the maximum amount of weight that you can lose. A 2 pound weight loss in a week is achievable with hard work. 

Here a few tips on how to achieve this weight loss.

1.Eating properly – you need to eat in order to lose weight. When someone goes on a diet they think that they have to starve themselves to lose the weight,but they shouldn’t. You may find people will hardly eat anything when tying to lose weight as they think that this is the only way,but this is not true. . To help us on our weight loss joourney it is important that we eat healtier food and don’t gorge ourselves . Junk,food,fried food and processed foods should be avoided. You should replace these foods with a variety of fresh ingredients such as vegetables,fruits,whole grain breads,nuts,foods that are low in calories and preservatives. These processed foods should be thrown out and should be replaced with fruits,vegetables,whole grains,nuts etc.

Make sure that you do some research first before you make a trip to the supermarket .

2.Eat smaller meals – If you want to lose weight you have to speed up your metabolism,eating smaller eals more often will achieve this. Our goal is to lose weight and speeding up your metabolism will do this,so start eating 5 small meals each day and your body will become a fat burning machine. Also reduce your calorie consumption and monitor at first if you have to . Writing everything down may be annoying at first but in time you will know roughly how much calories are in the food that you eat. Using this theory one pound is equal to around 3500 calories.

So in order to lose one pound you need to burn this many calories . There are two ways to achieve this.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet with regular exercise will help you to burn of these calories. . Start by gradually reducing your calories over the coming days . Make sure that you don’t reduce your caloric intake to the point where you are starving yourself as this can lead to other health problems. If you reduce you calories too much for an extended period of time this can lead to other health problems.

When monitoring your weight loss start with reducing your calories by 500 per day at first. Now we need to think what changes we need to make to our diet. Start with replacing the higher calorie foods with lower and healthier calorie food items.Cut out soft drinks as they are very high in sugar and calories.

3. Recognize when you are getting hungry again. People tend to confuse other feelings with hunger and may consume unecessary calories. If someone is depressed or stressed they will sit in front ot the tv and eat,if you find yourself doing this try to control the situation and be in a position to identifywhen this is happening. If you follow these tips you should have lost weight in a week. The above methods are just a way for you to kick start your weight loss journey. but they can also give you a very good idea on the changes you need to do in your lifestyle in order to lose weight permanently in the long run.


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