An Insiders Look At a Bad Breath Detector

I repeatedly am sent letters from readers asking me if bad breath detectors truly work. Many ask what I think of them.

First off, you might be wondering what a bad breath detector is – and what it does.

If you look online you will see that they are usually hand held devices designed for you to breathe into in order to evaluate the amount of breath odor. If there is a detection of bad breath, most of them have a light that will shine.

When you use it, depending upon the model — you will, ordinarily, get distinct colored lights that purport different levels of odor on the breath. It is common for a red light means BAD – a green light signals GOOD, and there could easily even be yellow and orange lights indicating borderline types of breath odors.

What makes them work?  Heck, I really don’t know.  I imagine I am like most of you and don’t really care how they work, you only care that they do, in fact, work.

What can you expect to spend on one?  Generally just about $20.  The more expense models might go for as high as $60, or more, but normally those may also be used as a breathalyzer to measure alcohol on the breath.

Are they a good buy?

That is entirely up to you. If you don’t mind spending $20, and you like the handy nature of what it does – buy one and use it.  Why not?

However, you can easily test your own breath by breathing onto the the back of either hand and give a sniff.  You can also lightly lick your wrist and give a whiff.  

You should know if your breath needs attention after taking these two tests. The first test is specifically for the most common types of bad breath, the second test reveals if your saliva is causing bad breath.

Very essential, at least I think, is asking yourself what you are doing to prevent breath odor?   

Not everyone is aware that, over the counter mouthwashes contain alcohol, which is not good!

This isn’t good since alchol dries the mouth, and dry mouth means a lack of healthy saliva which is necessary for fresh breath.

When researching my book, The Bad Breath Treatment Guide, I learned that bad breath for most people is induced by one of these conditions:

Foods that are Eaten
Dental Practices
Lack of Saliva
Dieting Extremes
Throat and Nose Infections

Additionally, in a minority of instances, bad breath can be brought on by habitual medical disorders.

For by far the majority of folks suffering with this problem, though,, natural home remedies you have in your home, used as part of your daily pattern, can thoroughly get rid of bad breath odor!

Want to know more? Should you get a bad breath detector? How can you prevent bad breath?

I have written a 30 page handbook The Bad Breath Treatment Guide that details, in plain language, the causes and natural home cures for sour breath. You can acquire a copy for less than $10 at

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