Dry Skin On Every Part Of Your Body?

It is nothing unusual about skin dryness on hands, face, abdomen, feet or shins. A simple dry skin treatment such as the use of a body lotion or a moisturizer will solve the problem in no time. Who needs a dry skin treatment? If the skin feels tight and gives you a rough sensation when touching it, then, dryness is most often the problem. There is a genetic predisposition to the problem on the one hand, and on the other, dry skin is a common occurrence for all types of skin during the cold season.

A form of dry skin treatment many people prefer is the use of a deep tissue therapeutic method on a weekly basis; they make it at home with all natural ingredients. Many improvisations are possible for dry skin treatment from the basic massage with Shea butter, almond oil or olive oil to milk bathing as the most extravagant of options. Using yogurt as a skin lotion could also help: spread yogurt on the dry skin areas and let it work for tissue regeneration for at least ten minutes before removing it.

A dry skin treatment could also refer to some dermatological conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. Only a doctor can pass a diagnosis on such health problems, yet, the symptoms can be read in the itchiness, the irritation, the redness, blisters, flakes and cracks. The doctor could recommend the administration of oral medication in parallel with a dry skin treatment using either a regular high quality moisturizer or a special ointment relying on steroids as active substances. Normally the response to prescribed and homemade treatments is very good for skin dryness, particularly when you take lifestyle measures too.

There is one other way to increase the efficiency of a dry skin treatment and that is by preventing skin contact with detergents and chemicals. Moreover, the standard soap you may use could contribute to deteriorating the condition of the skin, therefore, a product with a neutral pH could be the only option favorable to your health. The extent of the dry skin treatment is difficult to appreciate when we are talking about a skin disease, because for naturally occurring dryness, the treatment ought to be permanent.

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