Herbal Ignite

Herbal Ignite is really a sexual enhancement item created to “boost natural virility and promote a much better sex life and sense of well being in males and women.” This herbal supplement claims to “increase testosterone normally, restore organic virility and energy, and reduce that tired, stressed out-feeling.”

We are unclear as to precisely why a woman would wish to “increase testosterone,” or “boost virility.” Although this product claims to be suitable for both men and women, we cannot help but feel that its mechanism caters much more to male needs. In addition, we really feel that this product’s ingredient list is somewhat incomplete, in spite of the inclusion of the couple of high quality components. We will review this product for its ability to equally improve the sexual experience for both genders.

Ingredients at a glance

This formula might include some of the following ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris, Avena Sativa and Horny Goat Weed.

Ingredients in Concentrate

Tribulus Terrestris is reputed to become one with the much more efficient sexual enhancement ingredients presently accessible. This herbal component is known to naturally improve testosterone and increase potency. While both of these outcomes would definitely be of benefit to most men, we wonder how they may be useful to women. The ingredient, Avena Sativa, which is the scientific name for oats, is not proven as a sexual enhancer at this time, despite its historic use for this purpose. A single expert states, “Avena sativa has been used medicinally since the Middle Ages, yet I have not arrive across any reference to any aphrodisiac benefit that has ever been noted or documented in several hundred years of use.”

We also would have preferred to determine some other, more targeted elements which are known to enhance male sexuality, such as Yohimbe, Panax Ginseng and Damiana. We wonder if perhaps these ingredients have been excluded because of their male-specific sexual mechanisms. If this may be the situation, we feel that this product eventually dilutes and compromises its possible by attempting to cater to each genders.

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