6 Week Body Makeover Diet Plan

The 6 Week Body Makeover is a weight loss program designed by fitness guru Michael Thurmond. He is best known for his work on the once popular television show, “Extreme Makeover” as some of his techniques for weight loss were used on the show. The entire program can be broken down into three steps: figure out your blue print, create your makeover plan, and start your makeover.

Step One: Figure Out Your Blue Print

This is a quiz on the official website that helps you determine your body type. By answering a few questions about your body, your eating habits, and your history with diets and weight loss, you are given a specific body type which gives you more information about what you need to do to boost your metabolism and help you lose weight more effectively. After figuring out what your body type is, you can move forward to see sample meals on your plan, as well as sample exercises to help you work on the problem areas of your body.

Step Two: Create Your Makeover Plan

On the reverse side of the card, there is information about how to create an exercise routine that works in 15-18 minutes per session twice a week to help resculpt your body. It will also help you create a meal plan that will reprogram the metabolism to help you lose weight.

Step Three: Start Your Makeover

The final step is to start the makeover. Simply follow the meal plan accordingly and work in your exercise accordingly. Follow this plan for six weeks to see the weight loss results you have been looking for.

What You Get with the 6 Week Body Makeover

Every kit contains: a quick start program, a customized eating plan, customized recipes, personalized 18 minute body sculpting program, and the living lean program. There is also a bonus six day mini makeover and a free bonus of 24 hours a day, seven days a week support for motivational purposes.

The program claims that if you follow it correctly, you can lose 30 pounds during the six week period. Those who do not lose that much weight during that time may be able to take advantage of the money back guarantee. The money back guarantee states that if you do not lose the weight within 6 weeks, you can return the product within 8 weeks, for a full refund less shipping handling. The program retails for $279.99 though at the time of this review is available for $119.94, with $19.99 shipping. You can make six payments of $19.99.

Considering this program is promoted on infomercials, we have reason to be skeptical. The good thing about this program is that you are eating real food, so there is nothing special to buy, and no supplements to take. More physical activity is recommended by health care professionals than what this program suggests.

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