What Everybody Ought to Know About Green Tea Fat Loss

An effective weight loss program consists of two elements: the consumption of less fuel and the burning of more energy. Having green tea leaf may help you in achieving this by reducing the likelihood that you will crave a snack or drink containing a high amount of calories. Furthermore, research has discovered that people who drink tea of this sort burn an increased volume of calories in comparison to those who don’t.

Green tea weight loss programs are growing in popularity, thanks to the fact that clinical studies indicate that green tea is very effecitve in helping to reduce your appetite. One scientific study showed that rats injected with green tea extract consumed 60% less food than normal. This variety of tea also has mild cholesterol lowering properties: it aids in decreasing levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol, otherwise known as LDL, and helps to increase the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol, otherwise known as HDL. However, research suggests that in order for the benefits to become apparent, an individual should consume up to 10 cups per day.  For this reason, it is recommended that its extract is supplemented each day, however it is vital to read the instructions that come with the extract in order to provide yourself with the correct dosage and to ensure that supplementation is suitable for your needs and current state of health.

Green tea has been shown to help break down stored fat by increasing your metabolism.  This should make it perfect for individuals who need to shift body fat currently present. Concurrently it may help to limit the fat stored. The drink is thought to work through intensifying fat oxidation and boosting the rate at which your body can burn calories. Furthermore, it may aid preventing fat assimilation. Studies have shown that it may help to regulate blood glucose levels – it prevents the blood glucose levels from rising as significantly following a meal. This means that insulin is not secreted in such large amounts and hence, less fat is stored.

Drinking green tea is good for your health!  Green tea is loaded with antixoidants and minerals.. However, the benefits are believed to be brought about by its polyphenols. The drink contains a variety of polyphenols, including Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) – a naturally antioxidant which assists in the burning of calories. While the drink is effective when it is taken alone (you can lose around 8 pounds a year0, weight loss will be achieved faster when it is combined with regular exercise and a healthy, nutritious diet.  The results are in!  Green tea and weight loss go hand in hand!

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