Arai Helmets – Riding Apparel

<p>If you are planning to get horse riding apparel, it is good to have some prior knowledge in this area since these items can add up to a significant expenditure. There are several things to consider when it comes to <strong>horse riding apparel. </strong>Nothing beats functionality combined with style. The rider should look elegant and be comfortable at the same time. Hence, you need to choose materials that are both durable and light. The fabric that is suitable for horse riding apparel should be cool and should absorb moisture. This helps you in remaining comfortable in both a hot as well as a cold climate.</p> <p>What comprises a complete <strong>horse riding apparel</strong>? Well, it includes a shirt, a waist coat, breeches or jodhpurs, tall or short riding boots, riding gloves and a riding jacket. The shirt can be cotton and is usually white. The breeches or jodhpurs for the lower body should fit the legs well and protect you from rain and wind. Jodhpurs are close fitting on top and towards the lower parts of the leg so making them more suitable and convenient for riding.  Choose a luxurious jacket that is long lasting and stylish.</p> <p>In the case of riding boots, the tall ones are perfect to wear for competitions and shows, while short ones are comfortable and hard wearing for casual riding or training and are usually worn with half chaps or gaiters. And when it comes to head gear, pick one that fits your head perfectly. This is a very important aspect of  <strong>horse riding apparel</strong> since your head gear protects you from serious injuries to your head. Head gear includes Icon Arai Helmets as well as velvet hats, usually depending on the type of event as well as the rider’s preference. It must be pointed out that top hats and beaglers do not offer any safety standard protection as they are manufactured with the minimum materials and no safety harness.  Also, do remember to wear gloves of good quality and durability.</p> <p>When it comes to following the trends, <strong>horse riding apparel</strong> provides the most scope and opportunity. Any new apparel worn by riders for shows and competitions quickly becomes available for others to purchase. Recently there has been a movement towards the softer shades of blue, green and purple which have become very popular. Breeches in white or other light colours are chosen by the majority of riders. In the case of show coats, the tendency is to go for darker shades like navy or black, although there are riders who prefer brown or khaki. Riders sometimes choose coats with stripes or patterns instead of plain ones.</p> <p>As for accessories, when it comes to shows and competitions, you can use glittery items like stock pins and jewelry. Belts and Icon Arai Helmets with crystals attached are also becoming a popular element of  <strong>horse riding apparel</strong>. However, for casual riding and training, these accessories are not seen. They should be reserved for those extra special occasions.</p>and training accessories are not visible. They should be reserved for those extra special occasions. </ P>