Don’t Tweeze Nose Hair Use The Groom Mate Platinum Instead

Have your electric nose hair trimmer suddenly stopped while trimming and you are faced to accept the pain of pulling your nasal hair – ouch –  and end up teary eyed. There are a number of reasons why this could happen: Probably the charge of the  batteries are low and can’t maintain a constantly rotation speed for proper trimming, similarly the rechargeable batteries probably needs replacement if they don’t take up charge properly. Another reason could be the user is a jungle nosed novice and shoved the nose trimmer all at one time, now that’s a sure jam even with new fully charged batteries.

Electric nose hair trimmers work best when they’re now , and when the batteries are begin to fail and so does the trimming. And by the time the batteries are dead, so does the warranty. Yes, product makers know when the batteries will fail , I guess they don’t want to pay for those expensive replacement batteries or they probably have a new model by that time. Why buy the battery when you can buy the new nose hair trimmer 2000 by adding a few more bucks. Yet, another marketing strategy of manufactures.

Now here’s a gadget that needs no batteries, works by manual manipulation, smaller than a cigarette,  100% stainless steel and has a  lifetime warranty!!! This nose hair trimmer isn’t new and it’s been out in the market a few years back and I assure you this nifty nose hair trimmer works like wonders with hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide. The Groom Mate Platinum XL is an American made nose hair trimmer that’s been selling since 1991, This precision engineered trimmer will never dull and is made to last a lifetime. It’s eco-friendly, no batteries required just a simple twist does the job. This 2.6 inch gadget can be carried anywhere, anytime and you wont be embarrassed if your caught using because this little nose trimmer looks so darn cool. The best thing about The Groom Mate Platinum XL it has a UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE and if ever a problem occurs they will replace your Platinum XL with a new one or give you a refund, without question. Beat that.

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