Mental Depression

The term mental depression brings fear to those who hear it.  Any time mental illness is discussed it carries the stigma of insanity.  But that’s not true.  Mental depression is in fact a disease, but it doesn’t make you crazy.  The mental illness stereotypes from history no longer apply.  Yes mental depression is a disease of the mind but it is a disease that can be treated effectively and you do not have to feel abnormal or inferior to other human beings. 

This year 15 million people will be affected by mental depression.  But they’re concerned about their image so only one third of them seek help.  Your health has to be the primary concern.  Wishing away mental depression doesn’t work.  This illness will not be ignored.  It can affect anyone, anywhere at any time.  Race and faith don’t matter.  It has no care for financial or social status.  Age makes no difference.  This disease has no boundaries.  Early detection can be a great boon when it comes to treatment.  But since it’s so complex, mental depression isn’t easy to find.  Occasionally everyone gets sad.  Mental depression is not a temporary afflictionSometimes isn’t a word that applies to mental depression. 

Mental depression has a lot of symptoms.  Those that are suffering may tend to become loners.  Fun experiences may no longer be fun.  Anxiety may increase and insomnia may result.  Changes in diet may happen.  It becomes a struggle to interact with others.  Feelings of hopelessness may arise, and despair results.  Their emotional and physical health will begin to show wear and tear.  The signs of mental depression may not be apparent to those who suffer it, so others have to point out the signs. 

Depression is caused by a variety of possibilities.  Stress can be a key.  Stress itself is complex.  Relationships, school and even providing for family can all cause stress.  The death of someone close can create stress.  Mental depression is even carried in DNA.  Depression has many causes.  There are also quite a few options for treatment.  Psychotherapy in which people discuss their problems is effective.  Prescription drugs and natural herbs can also work.  There is a cure for mental depression that begins with treatment.

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