Is Jenny Craig the Best Weight Loss Program for You?

Jenny Craig is a well-advertised weight loss program with many stars like Kirstie Alley and others promoting their program. The company and the company Website promote Jenny Craig as the biggest weight loss programs in the United States. The program is advertised as being very good nutritionally and stresses moderate activity. It is reported that if members follow the Jenny Craig program they will lose weight. More than 600 Jenny Craig weight loss locations in Australia, North America, Puerto Rico and New Zealand are there to make losing weight accessible to as many individuals as possible. Individuals who join at these locations and on the website are able to have a weight loss instruction book, and a weight loss partner that they can access through the online bulletin board on the Jenny Craig Website.

You have two options when you join Jenny Craig, you can report to a Jenny Craig Center near you, where you can receive individual consultations and a consultant who will work with you and develop daily menus. You then buy the food directly from the company. The second option is the at-home program in which you have phone conversations with your Jenny Craig consultant and order your food every two weeks, using menus and other material that is delivered directly to your home. The consultant will take you through the program and then answer any questions you have. Dieticians from the Northwest have determined that the Jenny Craig counselors may not have enough training, and so this service may be less effective than it might otherwise be.

The program features menus that have a daily calorie level of at least 1200 and the food has the seal of approval from Jenny Craig’s Medical Advisory Panel, so you can be assured that the Jenny Craig program is a healthy one and not some fad diet. Why does Jenny Craig provide the food for their clients? In her autobiography, entitled The Jenny Craig Story, this commonly asked question is addressed, Craig writes, “When somebody makes a decision to go on a diet…they become almost totally preoccupied with food.  We decided that if we provided the food, it would let the clients focus on their own bodies.”

There is little in the way of support for clients of the Jenny Craig program as there are no regular support group meetings. Individuals can of course arrange for their own support networks made up of family and friends or others in their local areas that also desire to lose weight.

Is the Jenny Craig program for everyone?

Experts say that the Jenny Craig program is lacking in fiber, iron and zinc all nutrients that women of childbearing age need so the Jenny Craig program may not be best for these women.

Is Jenny Craig the best weight loss program for you?

Only you and perhaps your doctor can answer this question.

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