Plastic Surgery

Small BIo about the autor:

The Autor is a plastic surgery that started his carrer in   NYC Towing company 

Later on he payed is Medical studies while working in a  NYC Roadside Assistance 

Until today He still own a  New York Auto body Repair Shop  in midtown.

Plastic surgery has gotten a lot of controversial conversation throughout the days.  There are many people who get plastic surgery and there are also just as many that see it as not being necessary.  It is a good thing to be able to upgrade your body but however it is also not too great either.


There are many people whoa have gotten plastic surgery and believe that it is their body and their choice.  This is in fact true but the people who are against plastic surgery believe that you should be happy with what you have for a body.  This is the kind of plastic surgery that alters any part of the body that is working fine.


There happens to be many cases where plastic surgery is done to a patient to help them have a normal functioning life.  If there is a cosset that has been born with an supernumerary thumb or toe then it will take plastic surgery to remove the extra limb.  If somebody had been burned so badly they may need plastic surgery to reform the place on their body that has been deformed. 


There happens to be many people who take plastic surgery too far and feel the need to have it done a couple time every year or so.  Or perhaps have a rhytidoplasty every so many years.  This might be from some sort of disorder or addiction.  But I feel that there is no problem with having some sort of plastic surgery on any part of your body that you happen to be not satisfied with.  By doing so you need to be sealed that you do not blow it out of portion.


If you are going to have some sort of plastic surgery done you must be sure that you get a good surgeon to do the work.  It would be a disaster if the job happened to be terrible.  


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