Does Fitness Help with Sleep Apnea Or Chronic Insomnia? – Working Out the Issues, Literally

If you suffer from sleep apnea or chronic insomnia, you might be on the lookout for just about any cure you could find. Neither of these issues is pleasant to live with, but they both affect a big portion of the population. There are some people who suggest that fitness can help reduce both of these issues, but it all depends on the kind of exercise you do and how you do them. Below are some suggestions for you to follow, based on your lifestyle and disorder.

Yoga is a very common suggestion for people who suffer from chronic insomnia. That is because yoga is a relaxing fitness routine that tones the body in a slow, calming manner. The results of this slow pace are relaxed muscles, which often equate in a relaxed train of thought. Being fit as a whole, however, may help a sleep apnea sufferer as well because breathing capabilities will open up with a better body. While the relaxing qualities of yoga may not do much, the bodily benefits may do wonders for opening passageways to reduce snoring. In conjunction with the yoga, you could try some meditation to calm your body and mind before bed.

Another theory suggests that working out before bed is a good idea because it tires your body out. It also loosens the muscles, which makes falling to sleep a lot easier. The problem with that theory is that an increased amount of activity will also lead to heavier breathing and a higher pulse. Both of these are enemies for chronic insomniacs and snorers. It may be fine to work out earlier in the day, but avoid doing that right before you go to sleep. Instead, take a relaxing bath and read a book to take your mind off the rest of the day.

Sexual activity can also be considered part of a fitness routine, and it may help your insomnia or sleep apnea. To follow this, however, you need to take things slow so they end up being relaxing. Wild moments need to be reserved for earlier in the night. The release of endorphins after a climax does lead to a sleepy effect, so you should feel tired shortly after the relief. If you cannot do this with a partner, a little alone time should be perfectly adequate. As long as you maintain healthy eating and a stress free environment, you could potentially benefit from a fitness routine.

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