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Have you been following the same workout routine for a long time only to find that you are no longer seeing results? Do you feel like your workouts have stagnated and that you are no longer making progress?

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It is time for a change!

Your muscles have become used to your routine and they need a change, as I am sure you do, too! High Intensity Training is a wonderful way to get your muscles moving in a new and different way!

Just what is High Intensity Training?

According to Wikipedia, High Intensity Training (HTI) is a form of strength training that was popularized by Arthur Jones, who founded Nautilus. His focus was on performing quality weightlifting repetitions to the point of momentary muscle failure. What in the world does that mean? It means that you perform fewer repetitions at a slower rate, while lifting heavier weights.

High Intensity Training is an intense form of strength training. It stimulates your body to increase your muscle strength and size. There is more emphasis on rest and recovery because these workouts are so intense. You will definitely not want to perform HTI often. This should be done once every three weeks or so to reap maximum benefits.


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When performing these exercises you will want to do a single set for each body part. Make sure to work you whole body each time.

A key concept in HTI is how you perform your exercises. Performing these with strict focus on your form needs to be a priority. In addition, you need to pay attention to the cadence of your workout. One exercise, alone, can take 30 seconds. Lift your weights slowly, pause and hold for 5-10 seconds as you contract your muscle and slowly lower your weights in order to work your muscles to their fullest. This will stimulate more muscle growth, which is your goal.

There are three stages of failure that your muscles need to go through in order to be thoroughly exhausted. The first stage of failure is when you can’t lift your weight for another repetition. At this point, you can freeze, and hold the weight in a static position. Once you are unable to hold this position, you have reached the second stage of failure. The third stage of failure is when your muscles are so exhausted that you can not even lower your weight. When you have reached these 3 stages of failure, the growth of your muscles will explode!

High Intensity Training is a great way to maximize the amount of muscle in your body. It is a great way to change up your workout routine and get your muscles moving in a different way. When you thoroughly exhaust your muscles, they are no longer performing in a way that they are accustomed to.

This is why you will see a big change in the way they respond to this workout, and in the way that they look.

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