Nitric Oxide For MMA Fighters: It’s Not Just For Bodybuilding Anymore

It’s not really complex; Nitric Oxide (NO) causes vasodilation (increases the diameter of the vessel). That results in more blood being supplied to the muscle. The more blood supplied, the more nutrients, energy substrates, oxygen, etc the muscle gets. The end result: a highly anabolic environment that breeds huge muscles. It’s simple. What would you rather put a fire out with: a garden hose or a fire hose? Like I said, it makes sense.

This is not just an in vogue sports supplement.  Used in pediatric intensive care, Nitric oxide therapy has the potential to significantly increase the quality of life and, in some cases, save the lives of infants at risk for pulmonary vascular disease.

Nitric Oxide research now yields over 3,000 papers a year. It began with the discovery that the nitric oxide molecule was the regulator of the muscle tone of blood vessels. While the finding astonished some scientists and provoked scepticism in others, it opened a floodgate. The potential importance of the torrent of research results, which showed nitric oxide governed numerous other biological processes, received an accolade guaranteeing wider public attention when nitric oxide was chosen as the cover story by Science for its “Molecule of the Year” in 1992.

Nitric Oxide – MMA Supplements

MMA fighters are particularly interested in the fact that nitric oxide enhances blood flow. This is because better blood flow delivers additional nutrients to muscles. As a result, the muscles become larger. Nitric oxide also lessens inflammation, meaning that it can decrease the pain that weightlifters experience when they expose their muscles to heightened stress.  In addition, nitric oxide can affect the release of adrenaline.

You may not realize it, but everyone needs nitric oxide in order for their bodies to function properly. Nitric oxide is especially helpful for bodybuilders because of its ability to enhance growth. Supporters of nitric oxide supplements say they can increase fast-twitch muscle fiber strength and can enhance the output of your muscles. Some athletes also report that they notice an increase in their endurance after taking nitric oxide supplements.

In yet another role, nitric oxide helps the immune system’s macrophages, the cells in the body that are activated in injury and illness to get rid of debris, when they seek out invading bacteria or cancer cells to destroy.  Faster recovery, more efficient recovery from injuries, and increased tolerance to bacteria are important to anyone who trains MMA; at the pro level or for the average club fighter.

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