Fat Burning Furnace Reviews

Fat Burning Furnace is a diet and fitness program created by Rob Poulos with his wife Kalen Poulos, although Rob is the driving force behind this program.

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The couple, formerly quite chubby and never in good shape, managed to turn the table on their genes and lost more than a 100 pounds combined. This they achieved after numerous failures with all kinds of diets and weight loss products which only made their bank accounts get thinner.

Then, they decided to try a different approach than the one they’ve been told to do so many time. This was when the Fat Burning Furnace manual was born.

Fat Burning Furnace

The basic concepts of this program are simple:

  • No more deprivation diets which rob the body of the nutrients it needs or sufficient calories and cause it to slow down the metabolism.
  • No more putting emphasis on long duration cardio workouts which don’t burn a lot of fat but take a lot of time. The focus is more on short interval cardio workouts.
  • Focusing on strength training to help you build muscle tissue and boost metabolism to help you burn more fat even when you’re resting.
  • Follow a solid but sensible eating plan which is rich in fresh food, natural dishes, lean protein sources and complex carbs and is low on empty calories, processed food, fatty protein sources, fried or fast food.

Because Rob Poulos isn’t a certified expert but someone who managed to turn his personal story into an impressive following, the Fat Burning Furnace eBook is written from the view point of someone who was once in your shoes, wanted to lose weight, failed for a while and finally succeeded.

Using a program written not by an expert but by someone who is already successful is a great way to improve your motivation and to find a common ground with the author. I believe it is this fact that helps so many people get such impressive results with this program.

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