7 Proven Upper Back Exercises

You know when it comes to the making of sharper upper body, women say that they would like them slim. But I think on contrast you are dying to have a well toned abs and shapelier shoulders! Isn’t it?

Go through the following to have flatter abs and shapelier shoulders:

  • Pull-ups: It is just the best way you obtain wide lats. It is proved and supplies with the best results. Focusing on pull- ups provide a stunning result towards lat size, back strength.
  • Barbell rows: The all round rowing movement which will provide enormous strength to your back. Practice barbell rows with your torso bent at 45 degrees everyday, and you will find a really attractive and strong back.
  • Pull-downs: The pull down will add more strength to your back, making you look a heavy build and strong even in heavy clothing.
  • Chin-ups: It is a common pull-up where you should keep your palms supinated i.e.  towards yourself.
  • Dumbbell rows: I really find dumbbell rows difficult without straps, I would like to suggest you to use dumbbell rows with three point stance, with a free hand on the rack and your feet should be wide and placed solidly.
  • Dead fits: It builds up the total all round mass for your whole body. You should apply very heavy weight for low reps. I do a set of 2-3 reps per day, which helps me out in building up my back strong.

Start performing these from your next muscle building session, you will be carving out a very nice back .Its for sure.

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