Stop Sweaty Palms – Is ETS Surgical Treatment For Unjustifiable Hand Sweating The Answer To Your Distress?

If you have sweaty hands, you would be subject to great annoyances that come with the condition.  Your keyboard and mouse are perpetually wet, you need to wear gloves when you drive even in summer, and you back away from social interaction, particularly when you need to shake hands with strangers.  Obviously, the physical inconvenience is nothing in comparison to the emotional toil that comes with the condition.  

Today I shall be sharing with you my private experience of how effective ETS surgery is to stop sweaty palms, and whether an alternative remedy is more effective.  

ETS surgery is medically termed as Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy which is employed as a treatment for palmar hyperhidrosis, or otherwise known as excessive hand sweating.  While it is nearly sure to stop sweaty palms, there are certain post surgery complications you have to know before you even consider this irrevocable condition.  Some complications include compensatory sweating on the torso, face, underarms, groin, or feet.  Others may experience gustatory sweating which is significant forehead sweating when eating or perhaps smelling exotic food and can occur a year or two after ETS.  Yet more have reduced heart beat, extremely cold hands linked to levels of stress and colder weather conditions.  I personally experienced compensatory and gustatory sweating which are irreversible in nature.  

I was afterwards introduced to iontophoresis, a non invasive, non surgical procedure that has successfully treated millions with sweaty hands since its debut more than 50 years back.  This is an easy routine whereby you soak your palms in separate trays of water and connect the machine.  Each session should last twenty minutes and you should repeat the sessions on an everyday basis for one week.  Thereafter you will have dry palms.  To keep to the level of aridness, repeat one session every three weeks.  If you find the cost of an iontophoresis device too serious to bear, you can always make your very own gizmo.  I made my very own, and am surprised to find the first function wasn’t in any way compromised.  

If you have unjustifiable hand sweating, start researching for the right treatment to stop sweaty palms and live life a new now.

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