A Young Woman Works Through Her Depression, Receives Alcohol Counseling, Boosts Her Self Image, And Triumphs Over Her Grief About Her Marriage And Divorce Issues

Brooke was a thirty-two-year-old insurance agent who was tired of feeling depressed everyday and tired of her careless drinking behavior. Stated simply, she missed her old motivation for doing various things she enjoyed, she hated the hangovers she went through on a regular basis, she was sick of feeling tired every morning, she was irate with herself for spending her hard-earned money on a worthless habit, and she was tired of going through broken relationship after broken relationship due to her heavy drinking.

Furthermore she was annoyed with the many times she failed an alcohol test at her workplace, she was bored with her drinking friends, she despised the fact that she had to go to court for her first DUI, she was upset with how physically unfit she was, and she was fed up with paying for alcohol-related lawyer fees.

In addition to the perceptible alcohol-related health difficulties she was going through, in all probability the most troublesome part of her drinking regimen was the undependable and dishonest individual she had become. In her heart of hearts she realized that she had been untruthful about her drinking behavior to her relatives, friends, and family and she also knew she had been less than truthful with herself about the “positive” effects of drinking. What is more, she made excuses for gulping four or five drinks before going to social events and she also made excuses for needing one or two drinks the first thing in the morning so that she could deal with the “tension” at work.

Her Depression and Her Excessive Drinking Result in Significant Changes in Her Life

Undoubtedly that Brooke was sick of putting up with the negative outcomes of her depression and her excessive and hazardous drinking and eventually made up her mind that something major had to change in her life. So she determined that she would abstain from drinking, involve herself in some worthwhile hobbies, start focusing on becoming a more healthy person, start exercising, get professional counseling, and develop a new circle of friends.

In short, Brooke got to the point in her life during which she saw that she hit the bottom of the barrel in her life and was now prepared to start the slow path that leads to recovery.

One of the ways that Brooke put her “plan” into action was by asking for a transfer at work. When her request was approved, she moved 350 miles away to a new part of the U.S.. If nothing else, this unquestionably made making new friends and pals and separating herself from her old friends much simpler. Then she contacted a healthcare professional in her new city and made an appointment for a complete mental and physical examination.

Brooke Meets With a Healthcare Professional About Her Hazardous and Irresponsible Drinking and Her Depression

After meeting with the healthcare practitioner and taking a number of lab tests, it was concluded that Brooke had crossed the line from alcohol abuse to alcohol addiction and consequently was in need of alcohol detoxification and alcohol rehab. At this time, the healthcare professional made it a point to review the different signs of alcoholism, the symptoms of alcoholism, and information about alcohol long term effects with Brooke.

The physician then told Brooke that it was determined that she was clinically depressed and in need of therapy for this medical problem.

Brooke Decides to Fortify Her Body by Working Out, Eating Wholesome Foods, Drinking Distilled Water, Vitamins and Minerals, and Living an Alcohol-Free Way of Life

Due to her enthusiasm for following through with the rehabilitation program, after nine weeks of residential rehab, Brooke was ready to start treatment on an outpatient basis. At this point in time, she started working at her new job and over the weeks began building up her body by living an alcohol-free lifestyle, going to the gym, taking vitamins and minerals, eating wholesome foods, and drinking filtered water.

Brooke also came to grips with her spiritual life by joining the local Baptist church and going to regular services.

After around four months of outpatient rehabilitation during which time she never suffered through an alcohol relapse, Brooke stopped going to alcohol rehab and instead began going five times per week to local AA meetings. Going to these meetings helped Brooke continue her alcohol-free lifestyle, they gave her the support she required, and they served as a persistent reminder of the destructive outcomes that are related to hazardous drinking.

After going to AA meetings about seven months Brooke felt that she was ready for a relationship and so she started dating Alfred, a young gentleman she met at church. It clearly amazed Brooke how much more ready she was for a dating relationship now that she had her abusive and unhealthy drinking under control. In point of fact it also surprised Brooke how much better life was now that she wasn’t under the control of her abusive and excessive drinking. Life was now rewarding and loaded with promise that she could have never hoped for or realized when she was engaged in unhealthy and abusive drinking just a few short months ago.

A Success Story That is a Statement of the Relevance of Alcohol Treatment and the Power of Positive Thinking

Brooke’s success story is a testament to the significance of alcohol therapy and the power of change. As Brooke thought about her newfound positive self image and drive for involving herself in worthwhile, healthy activities, she was actually grateful that she made up her mind to do something productive about her excessive and abusive drinking instead of giving into her depression and into the lure of her dependency. The result: her life now has a positive direction, she enjoys her new job responsibilities, she is involved in a caring relationship, she is in charge of her life rather than letting herself deteriorate under the control of her alcoholism, and she has more energy now compared with any time in her adult life.

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