Free Guideline of Astral Travel

When you have those dreams of flight, this is very similar to the experience of astral travel. The feeling of being airborne is much like the way that your astral body travels through the astral plane. All you need to do is focus on the place you want to be or on the things which you want and your astral body is there in the blink of an eye. When your physical body and mind are at rest, your astral body is free to roam the universe.


Astral travel can occur during sleep, but it is important to make the distinction between astral travel and dreaming. These are two separate phenomenal; dreams happen in the brain and are our mind’s way of processing the events of your day. It replays your day in combination with other remembered events and in this way, we work through the stresses of daily life and awaken refreshed. Astral travel is something else entirely and while you forget many of your dreams even before you awake, this is not the case with astral projection.


When you remember your dreams in every vivid detail, these are most likely not dreams at all but were experiences with astral travel. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of keeping a journal of these experiences. The things you write down may not make much sense at first, but over time will form a contextual background which makes their meaning clear.


Astral dreams are psychically beneficial, much as dreams are in helping your mind to process the things which happen in your day. Everyone has different astral travel experiences and the benefits are also unique to each individual. This makes it especially important to keep a record of your experiences; comparing them to another’s experiences is much like comparing apples to oranges and is largely a useless exercise.


While many of the beneficial effects of astral travel vary, one which is universal is an improved self awareness and a sense of where you fit into the larger universe. Having this knowledge brings inner peace and well being. In most people, memory and general alertness are also heightened since astral projection uses parts of the brain which often go undeveloped there are very real benefits of astral travel for your intellect as well as your spirit, it seems.


After learning to astral travel, other latent psychic abilities will begin to awaken and be strengthened. Most people report having an increased awareness of others thoughts and an easier time sensing spiritual presences.


When you astral project, you don’t just get to visit places and see things which you couldn’t with your physical body. You also develop your mind and your psychic abilities and learn more about yourself.


Even those who previously expressed skepticism about the practice usually change their minds after having some experiences with astral travel. They often find that it changes the way that they look at the world and increases their ability to see things which may otherwise go unseen.


Other than these benefits, it should be remembered that there is also fun to be had! Astral travel allows you to do things and go places which are outside of your ordinary life; it’s something like a vacation for your astral body.


The most surprising thing about astral travel is that it isn’t done by everybody. The reason that it isn’t more widely practiced is that there is a widely held misconception that only a select few are able to astral project. This however is not the case as anyone can learn to astral travel if they want to.


You have almost certainly had the experience of astral projection before, although it is possible you were unaware that this is what you were doing.


To begin astral projecting, the best method is to allow yourself to naturally experience it and start keeping a record. Once you can start to recognize these experiences as you are having them, then it’s time to begin practicing on consciously leaving your physical body for astral travel. As you practice, your psychic abilities and your mind will grow sharper.


All it takes is practice and there are many great resources which can help you prepare for astral travel. With a little time and effort, you can enjoy inner peace, self awareness and all of the other great things which learning to astral travel can do to improve your life.


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