How to Get a Six Pack: the Basics

These are the essentials:

1.) Fat burning throughout the day (High Metabolism)
2.) Minimal fat intake
3.) considerable muscle
4.) proper cardio

note: It is not neccesarily to apply all of the mentioned ideas below, but try as many as you can to increase the speed at which results will be visible.

Several ways around it, the more you apply the better.

Lifestyle changes:
a.) Drink atleast 3 litres of water a day.
b.) Consider Trying Yoga fat burner in the workouts category in the morning.
c.) Consider fat burning substances like Green tea, try hot water with lemon extract too, boosts metabolism quite a bit.
d.) tap your feet a lot throughout the day (stupid but effective)
e.) rub your thumbs with each other for 2 mins thrice a day (refloxology)
f.) Take as many as deep breaths as possible throughout the day, oxygen helps in burning fat and deep breaths increase metabolism
g.) Avoid smoking (damages oxygen flow), Avoid drinking (other than red wine once a week)
h.) Invest in massages if you can
i.) Make sure your gym has a sauna which you can frequent twice a week.

Diet changes:
a.) Eat at intervals of 150-180 minutes.
b.) Make sure you dont mix carbohydrates and protein.
c.) The food you eat should not have oil, butter, cheese, ghee, sugar, margarine.
d.) Avoid Plain carbs as in White bread, pasta, rice, potatoes.
f.) Do not eat 150 minutes prior to going to bed.
g.) Make sure you are getting adequate protein. Required amount is 1.5 times your bodyweight (in Kilograms).
h.) Sources of natural protein include: fish, turkey, chicken, egg whites, tofu, chick peas, beans.
i.) make sure none of the above are fried, prefer boiled, roasted or toasted
j.) If you are vegeterian, Protein supplements is a good idea (Personal recommendation: ON 100% Whey)
k.) If your budget is flexible, A time released protein blend will help you lean up quicker.
l.) If you are above 18, with atleast 1 yr. of bodybuilding experience and with a good budget, lookout for NO Boosters (example: NO EXPLODE from BSN)
m.) Whenever possible, start your meal with a fruit.
n.) Raw vegetables are abundant in vitamins and can fill you up, you can use them as a meal.
o.) If you are eating out, avoid bread and eat more of the vegetables and start with a soup.
p.) If you starve, you are going to get fatter
q.) Eat slowly, till the food becomes liquid in your mouth
r.) sip in water between meals.
s.) if you are thin it doesn’t mean you can madly munch on carbs and fats.
t.) Start with a detox

Workout Changes:
a.) Make sure you are not working on just your abs, muscles burn fat and there are much larger muscle groups like lats, hams, etc.
b.) Make sure you do 20-25 mins of cardio AFTER the weight training.
c.) Warm up and cool down with stretches. Stretches result in finer muscle tone.
d.) Believe in variety, keep shocking your body to get quicker results.
e.) Don’t go slow, go at a medium-fast pace but KEEP YOUR FORM INTACT
f.) Make sure your cardio is kind of complicated with inclines, speeds as high as you can maintain
g.) Don’t use machines: My personal opinion
h.) Try to include equipment which forces balance such as a resistance ball, a medicine ball.
i.) Make sure you do 10 pushups daily and as often as you can with a very fast form.
j.) take proper rests but make emasure they dont exceed 40 seconds.
k.) try things like kicking and skipping at home whenever you get the chance.
l.) Keep pushing your limits.

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