Alternative Medicine Vs. Conventional Medicine

Conventional Medicine:

                             Our current medical “industry” subscribes to us getting a disease, becoming sick, going to a doctor, getting Diagnosed, taking our prescribed medication and if deemed necessary have an operation. Conventional treatments of a disease are simply a Band-Aid. We as a society have bought hook line and sinker into conventional wisdom that a medical doctor is the last word, they know what is best for us, and they are concerned about our best interest. There are doctors who are genuinely involved in your best interest but they are few. Prescription drugs are made man poisons that habitually addict us to there use. Furthermore, prescription drugs prevent our bodies from functioning properly. Side effects from pharmaceutical drugs are devastating, debilitating, and sometimes deadly. Approximately 180,000 Americans die {killed} in hospitals every year by some doctors. Many of these deaths happen because drugs were prescribed because a lack of understanding of specific patient needs. They were killed because it is so easy and personally lucrative for doctors to prescribe, prescribe, and prescribe!

Alternative Medicine:

                                Alternative medicine is nothing new in fact it is as old as mankind. In fact it originated with our very existence on this earth. That’s right God gave us all we need to be healthy in all earth’s resources and in our very own immune system in our gloriously designed bodies. In some cultures alternative medicine is not only practiced but also deeply imbedded in generations of respectability. Western medicine reacts with much disdain against the use of “natural methods” to improve and sustain good health. Furthermore there is an exhorted effort by “big drugs” to shut the door on the natural supplement industry. With that said alternative medicine is now growing in popularity thanks to many bold natural nutritionists, holistic practitioners and the like. People are being educated through the web and by authors who are speaking out loud and clear. It has become clear that living a vibrant healthy lifestyle with good nutritious food, clean water, plenty of sunshine, and pure natural supplements will go a long way in keeping you healthy for a long time. If you get sick get more then one diagnosis and seek all natural supplements to heal your body.

In Conclusion:

                                 Conventional medicine certainly has its place in our society and without it we would be for the worse, but it is not there to cure any disease. Trust in your body to cure itself given the necessary ingredients. Build up your immune system so you won’t get sick. Concentrate on staying healthy. Think intelligently before taking ANY made man drug, think about what you’re putting into your body. Don’t let some self-serving doctor decide what is best for you, your better, then that. Lastly, indulge yourself in nutritious foods and find a reputable natural supplement company and begin a program that will ensure that your body {immune system} is working optimally.

Gary Kenneth Archer is a natural health advocate dedicated to the naturalist lifestyle,

web designer,webmaster,professional woodworker,author and frequent contributer to
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