Natural Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure- 5 Secrets to Naturally Cure Hypertension

Did you know there are natural ways to lower high blood pressure that your doctor might not be sharing with you? With a career based on natural health, I talked with thousands of people who are suffering or suffered from high blood pressure (hypertension). Though most of these people have at one time tried doctor-prescribed high blood pressure medications; many of them complained that their doctors only shared ‘common knowledge’ tips about high blood pressure.

How Many Times Have You Heard These Words?

“Lose some weight”

“Lower your sodium intake”


Obviously, you were NOT born last week! Everybody knows these facts that make us say, “Duh”.

But did you know that your doctor might be uneducated when it comes to natural ways to lower high blood pressure? Unfortunately, most doctors are educated in traditional medical schools which focus on medicines from major pharmaceutical companies. Though these great schools prepare their doctors to cure most ailments, thousands of doctors complain of being uneducated in holistic ways to cure ailments.

Holistically Cure Hypertension

Don’t be scared about the word ‘holistic’! It is simply a fancy word to describe a way to treat an ailment by treating the ‘whole’ body. For instance, you get sick and see the doctor! The doctor says, “Take the medicine, drinks lots of fluids and get some rest.” Though you have heard these words before, drinking water and getting rest are treating your body ‘holistically’. They are just giving your body ways to naturally heal the ailment.

And fortunately, there are numerous more ways to treat ailments holistically. And if you suffer from high blood pressure, you can naturally lower high blood pressure with 5 holistic secrets (that are research-based) that doctors usually forget to share with their patients.

5 Secrets to Naturally Cure High Blood Pressure

1. Pack the Potassium- Possibly one of the most important nutrients of the body for treating this deadly disease. This element and nutrient is required by the body. It allows muscle contraction, sends nerve impulses and removes waste from the body. Researchers at Duke found that getting more Potassium could naturally lower high blood pressure by 20 points. Doctors usually don’t share this information though. Our Remedy Report shares a list of foods with high potassium content.

2. Magnificent Magnesium- This element and nutrient has even been included in the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). You should get 500 milligrams of magnesium daily to help with high pressure. Magnesium has been shown to lower blood pressure, aid in muscle and nerve function, normalize heart rates, strengthen bones and aid in a healthy immune system. For a list of foods with magnesium please visit our site.

3. A Garlic Supplement- Garlic is one of the most popular herbal supplements. This bulb is not only used in cooking but has also been proven to benefit the heart and lower cholesterol. And with lowering cholesterol, you can actually take a few points off of score. This is one of many herbal remedies shown to naturally reduce hypertension.

4. L-Argine- An amino acid that helps the body produce nitric acid, L-argine may be helpful in lowering blood pressure. It can be found in meat, peanuts, and soy and wheat products. A study that involved taking two grams of L-argine daily reduced systolic pressure 20 points after taking the supplement for just a few days. L-argine is also helpful for lowering cholesterol.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar- Many people have had success treating high blood pressure with apple cider vinegar, perhaps because it is high in so many of the vitamins and nutrients that are thought to be helpful in lowering high blood pressure. Apple cider vinegar includes vitamins C, A, E, B1, B2 and B6, in addition to potassium, magnesium, copper and many other nutrients.

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Natural Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure

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