Alternative Medicine for Back Pain

Now day’s alternative medicines for back pain are becoming more and more popular to help people with their back pain problem. The good thing about alternative medicines for back pain is that there is a very large choice of treatment compared to the more common allopathic treatments.

Is it For You?

For some people these types of treatment are just not the real thing or they are just not comfortable using alternative medicines for back pain. The truth is that a lot of those treatments are very effective if you dare to use them. One of those particular treatments consists on working on the trigger points of your muscles that are connected to your nervous system. The system is very simple actually; they actually give an injection directly on the trigger point. This in turn will help reduce the electrical signal that is relaying the pain message to your brain. The only disadvantage about this kind of treatment is that it may take more than one session to get rid of your back pain.


Another alternative medicine for back pain is to use herbal medicine. You see there are plenty of herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties that, if taken in large enough amount, could be help you get relief from your back pain. Some of the most popular herbs are:

– Chamomile (Very good to help calm the muscle tissue)

– Bromelain (That comes from pineapple, contains anti-inflammatory properties)


This type of alternative medicine for back pain can be used by applying certain type of oil in correct proportion to help your muscles relax. The following type of oils are believed to be very effective at relieving tension in your muscles:

– Thyme

– Horse balm

– Rosemary

– Sage

All these type of oil have in them a natural compound such as thymol that help you muscles relax. It is highly advised to apply these oils after your bath because your skin pores will be open and your muscles relaxed.

Over time the benefits of using alternative medicine fro back pain as proven to be very effective in relieving the pain and release the tension in the muscles.

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