High Blood Pressure Symptoms Are Not Always Visible

It is true that high blood pressure symptoms are not always visible to the eye but this does not mean that there are not obvious signs to look out for. Having this condition can affect both men and women at any time. It can occur more commonly in people who smoke, are over weight, live a high stressed existence, do not regularly exercise and do not eat healthy. If you are someone like this then you are known of as a high risk. I suggest you go to your doctor for a check up now!

If this is the case for you and you are diagnosed with this condition then you are at risk of a heart attack, stroke and even kidney disease. All of these can be fatal! In saying this, it doesn’t mean things cannot be reversed. Yes you can do something about this! First off you need to see your doctor to check out these high blood pressure symptoms or signs. Once you have been told that you are in the high catergory then you may need to go on medication straight away to bring it down. Once on medication though, you usually stay on it. You should try to avoid this.

Taking medication in itself maybe ok as it helps lower you blood pressure, which is important, but what you should be doing is trying to get it down by living a healthier lifestyle. Lose weight, quit smoking, cut out added suger and salt, exercise and try to cut back on stress. Ok, so the stress factor may be harder than you think but once you are healthier you will also feel better in other ways as well.

Some people have been known to show some form of symptom that can include fatigue, dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, nausea but of course these could also be signs of many other conditions. So I suppose the one important thing to remember apart from keeping fit and healthy is regularly visiting your doctor. Having check ups to keep on top of things. It isn’t just high blood pressure symptoms that should be a concern to you but many other factors that can contribute to bad health. This is true especially as we age. Check ups and preventative measures are always the best option to living a full healthy life.

As I said before many people won’t know that they have high blood pressure as it is not a major visible condition but there are signs to look out for that can contribute to this. Take a good look at yourself and your life style and please go to the doctors for regular check ups. Life is too important to let slip away just because we live busy lives. Our work and families deserve us to be healthy.

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