An Energy Drink : A Shocking Discovery

Tucked in the quiet confines of landscapes of bliss, calm and relaxation, the citizens of Germany are abruptly being woken up, jolted and shocked by a most hideous creature, place of origin unknown.

Take the family of four who had packed their suitcases, trunks brimming with lager and two, young kids, both boys, about fourteen and fifteen years of age, who decided to escape from the rustle and bustle for a two day road trip. All scenarios resulted with the regular expectations as they had numerous times previously when they took the same journey, seeking fresh air, rolling landscapes and anywhere a phone could not reach them.

Everything looked as it had always been. Their vintage automobile pressed into the corners of a daunting hill, burning the tires once in a while. The boys were soundly asleep with dreams of who knows what, but since one had drool dripping from a corner of his mouth, one might guess their thoughts were of events and pleasures not yet experienced.

Sara, mom, too was in a deep slumber, probably caused by the thick buzzing of the engine of the car heaving itself up yet another grueling hill.

We should all be counting our lucky stars there was an inconspicuously placed camera, ironically positioned just so to capture what was to unfold. Maybe, a coincidence being the same time K-fee energy drink was being introduced to the country. What was clearly meant to be a commercial representing a peaceful setting was unfortunately thrust into the epitome of a scary German energy drink commercial , maybe 180 degrees in the opposite direction of all original intentions.

No one could have predicted it, and unless there was video proof, the good people of Germany may not be panically pacing, laying awake and up at all hours completely perplexed and stunned by what was recorded. Although there is video proof, to date, German officials have kept mum about what has transpired that day. Maybe to purposely keep it under the rug, or pretend it never happened, but one thing is for sure, Germany will never be the same again. The invasion has begun.

Naturally higher than a kite on most days, Dave is the dude who likes to drink energy drinks and has been captivating a growing audience every energy drinks pass his lips. To note, others are invited, while the fun continue.

– Thor Daniels