Acne Help: Treatment Choices

Options for people who need acne help have improved somewhat over the years. While online tips offering various skin treatments have greatly increased the quantity of advice out there, it’s important for anyone suffering from severe or persistent acne to consult a professionally licensed dermatologist.

Acne is widely thought to be caused by bacteria and exacerbated by hygiene, diet, exercise, and other environmental factors. However there is also likely to be a strong genetic component, especially for people suffering from psoriasis and other severe and persistent conditions. A simple first treatment is to clean the face often, and especially pay attention to outbreak areas. Some people who regularly maintain good hygiene will still suffer outbreaks, however, likely due to genetics and their environment.

Nowadays, a huge number of young people have to find their way through ever increasing range of choices when looking for acne help before finally arriving at a cure therapy that suits them best. Testing an array of soaps and creams is a daily practice of many teens and quite a few adults as well who develop the problem in their second or third decade.

Options for battling acne range from basic retail and over-the-counter topical creams and lotions, to more potent treatments available by prescription only. The active ingredient in widely available topical creams is often Salicylic acid, also known as aspirin. However, results may vary for some who use soaps and creams, especially if they experience outbreaks in places that are not very dirty or oily, like the neck and trunk. Stronger topical compounds are available by prescription, most serving as antiseptics against bacteria.

The most potent available treatment may be high-dosage Vitamin A, which is taken orally for several weeks. As a side effect it may produce severe facial dryness and chapped lips, since it affects the oil glands. It is available only through prescription due to the risk of severe birth defects for pregnant women. Those undergoing the treatment also need regular blood screenings to monitor the liver.

Acne help is sought after by millions of people who want a quick and painless solution. Despite all that medical science can offer the problem continues. Dermatologists advise against squeezing pimples. They claim that the tissue can easily be damaged and in the process the pustule can be pushed deeper below the surface. This can cause permanent scarring if done improperly. Regardless of the risk, many ignore the warnings of the professionals. Eventually the problem goes away by itself.

– Cinthia Mazzo