Pure Minerals – An Easy Morning Routine To Get the Look You Want

Whether you are looking to save precious time from your morning routine or get that flawless special occassion look, our makeup tips will have you out the door incredibly fast and win you praise from the handsome, and patient, man in your life.

Mineral makeup has been around for 30 years, developed for cosmetic surgery patients, is now taking the beauty industry by storm. It’s the latest addition to an emerging demand for natural makeups that are free of potentially harmful chemicals, that feel weightless and are nurturing for skin.

Unlike heavy liquid cosmetics, that often contain dangerous chemicals, mineral makeup is derived from earth rocks that are micronized into particles that are so small the consistency is that of a powder. It’s hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and nourishes the skin. The better brands, such as Naked Minerals, contain no artificial ingredients such as perfumes, chemicals, dyes or preservatives and aren’t absorbed into the skin – but lay upon it like a veil. Because it’s inorganic bacteria can’t live in it, so you don’t have to throw unused portion away like commercial liquid or cake makeup.

Many brands are provided in loose powders that have proved not only to be difficult to deal with and messy, but also wasteful as well. Among these natural mineral makeup brands, Naked Minerals stands head and shoulders above others sporting convenient pressed minerals in handy compacts and is more convenient and preferred among today’s busy woman .

Minerals create real health and a glowing complexion like girls have in their teens by providing essential vitamins, antioxidants and natural ingredients that actually hydrate the skin and conceal imperfections. More and more women are turning away from unfriendly commercial makeup, they cite skin irritation, rosacea, dryness, clogging of their pores, among their primary complaints. In general women are leaning toward the healthy alternative of mineral makeup. They enjoy more compliments on how they look and feel like they aren’t wearing makeup.

To get that finished and polished look you want you’ll want to use a high quality kabuki brush, the best are made from natural capra hair and they evenly distribute minerals on your face in a fraction of the time that most women devote to this routine using traditional cosmetics.

– Meaghan Locke