Juiced Wheatgrass: For The Admitted Crazies

Now here is the true, strange tale of what I noticed from a wheatgrass fanatic who put it straight in his eyeballs. But, what compelled this man to be so tempted?

Wheatgrass is rich in with nutritional benefits. Personally, I like an ounce or two of wheatgrass now and then, which is in no way unusual. But, as you might guess, there are those who are thought to be normal and those who are by any definition radical about the ingredients that both parties find tempting wheatgrass, in this case. I’d want to think I’m of the normal, realistic crowd, who stampedes to grasses for their nutritional impact.

What is so fabulous about wheatgrass juicers? Juicing wheatgrass gives you healthy doses of: chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins, each in potent amounts. It is thought that chlorophyll is good for your blood, because of its like chemical makeup of your blood cells. The verdict is still undecided on that, as far as I am concerned, but no scientist can deny its nutritional potency for such a small amount consumed. That’s why I take wheatgrass so frequently; it’s hard to get anything that compares, in my opinion.

But, there are those among us juicers, who take things to a new dimension – like the day I was at my favorite health food store. They had an electric wheatgrass juicer on display. And a customer was drinking a shot or two of wheatgrass. Nothing unusual or out of place about that, right? But then he got out an eyedropper and put it in a third glass of wheatgrass juice and started using the eyedropper to put wheatgrass juice into his eyeballs. Oh, this has lots of minerals and vitamins, he said, as he attempted to keep his eyes open, tears of green, running down the sides of his face.

Here’s another curious, although in this case odd, reason why I encourage you to talk to your health care provider before juicing. The common idea when one finds something that is really good for them, is to do more of it. And while, logically, that may seem logical, it is not always a wise practice. Such as, in this example, showering juiced wheatgrass into your eyeball. Think what you like, but I only drink mine.

A different example of such thinking might be: let’s say, you have been working out at the gym, and were experiencing good progress with weight training. After a few sessions lifting free weights, you began to experience results. Now, the fanatical weight lifter enthusiast in this example, might logically believe that they can go from lifting one hundred pounds, to suddenly lifting three hundred pounds. That seems absurd, possibly? Not to mention dangerous to the point that it could do more harm than good.

With juicing in general, not just wheatgrass, it’s smart to consider the idea of starting off slow. When I first started juicing wheatgrass, I added about an ounce or two to my carrot juice. In about a 2 parts wheatgrass, to 8 parts carrot juice. I didn’t feel so good when I tried to drink a shot or two straight, like I discovered other people doing at the local juice bar. So, even now, after years of juicing, I still drink it slowly with other juices mixed in mostly.

If you should get into wheatgrass with your juicing, remember you can use a masticating juicer to get both the juice and benefits from grass and similar greens. Many people make the common mistake, believing just any juicer will do. That’s not true. Also, there are wheatgrass juicers. Wheatgrass juicers come in both electrical and hand crank, or manual models. Both will get the job done, but hand crank models often must be clamped on to the lip of a counter (and not all of today’s modern kitchens can accommodate this). This hand crank could be viewed as a good thing, or a bad thing, as you get one heck of a workout, long before you ever get your first glass of wheatgrass.

Juicing wheatgrass is not for beginners: it’s something to get used to. It may be too potent to your body if you are not already healthy inside and out.

As a matter of record we don’t believe in juicing wheat grass to put into your open eyes. That’s definitely a bit too oddball by our standards, and Joe is juicing every single day. Even though, if you aren’t that unlevel, and are actively looking for real experience and juicing secrets, then one would be out of the loop if you didn’t hear what Joe is sharing with his audience up at JuicingTips.com, the tell it like it is newsletter that’s changing the way men and women live their life – and it is being given away.

– Joe Boone