No Nonsense Muscle Building: You Can Do It

What kind of feelings do you have when see the big, strong, muscular guys at the gym flexing and flashing their muscles as they lift heavy weights? Many people would say that the best description of the emotion that they feel in this situation would be ‘jealousy’. This feeling increases even more when you find yourself looking in the mirror and all you see is a skinny person when compared to what you have just witnessed.

It is not easy to build muscles. It requires hard work and perseverance. You must have a plan. A couple of weeks in the gym will not be sufficient enough to give you 24-inch biceps and a 48-inch chest. If it did, we would all be walking around with ‘six-pack abs’, 24-inch biceps, developed shoulders and a chiseled chest.

The fact that only a few own a well-built physique suggests that for transforming yourself from a ‘skinny guy’ into a ‘macho bodybuilder’ you have to do something extra. Sleeping all day and eating all sorts of junk food will never do any good if you want to build a muscular physique. You have to give your 100% if you want to become a professional bodybuilder.

The first and perhaps the mot important step in your “no nonsense muscle building” program is to plan your diet. Your diet should not only be rich in nutrients; it should also be huge in quantity. You can find out the exact number of calories you need to consume (for building muscle) from various online calorie counters. General rule says that you need to consume 1-2 grams of protein for every kg of your bodyweight.

In a muscle-building program you need to eliminate high-fat foods from your diet. Replace them with more high-carb foods which will supply you with needed energy. So saying, we come t to part two of your no nonsense muscle building program. It is important for you to develop an exercise regimen that trains only one body part per day. For exercises like bench-presses, you need a progressive system of increasing the weight being pressed while maintaining the same number of repetitions.

Too much exercise without adequate rest will result in muscle breakdown. You will find it very difficult to build muscle if you regularly engage in workouts lasting more than an hour, or engage in cardiovascular training before a weightlifting session. You must avoid overtraining. To get results like a pro, you have to train like a pro. No nonsense muscle building begins and ends with determination. Screw up your resolve, and you will be on your way to achieving your bodybuilding goals.

A no nonsense muscle building program requires a great deal of planning, work, discipline, and dedication to get those huge biceps and six-pack abs Diet is an extremely important part of the program. The body requires extra calories to aide in the muscle building process. Calories should come from a variety of nutrients, including a large amount of carbohydrates to sustain the energy needed for a body building program. However, fatty foods need to be avoided. The body builder’s workout program needs to be planned carefully. One muscle group a day should be focused on, gradually increasing the amount of weight worked with, but not the number of repetitions.

– Rex Freiberger