Lipisat May Regulate Your Cholesterol Naturally

Everyone needs to worry about cardiovascular disease. It has been responsible for the deaths of more men and women than any other disease in existence. Heart disease can cause circulation problems which, ultimately, can result in a limb being amputated. Heart attacks and strokes can occur as well. There are ways to decrease or even prevent cardiovascular disease, completely.

One of the culprits in circulatory disease is the build up of fatty plaque on the lining of blood vessels which narrows them and can eventually block them completely. Even when not totally blocked, a small clot can shut them off and decreased blood flow causes many problems.

Plaque is manufactured by our liver from cholesterol we have eaten in food. Your health risk is caused both by genetics and by your diet. Although you cannot change your genetics, you can change your diet. There are also substances to reduce lipids if needed.

There are several different possible solutions. Avoiding trans fat and saturated fat should be done immediately. Adding soluble fiber is another easy step. Oat bran is a good source of soluble fiber. However, these steps just are not enough for some people. Prescription medications are now available. They may help, but they also can be expensive. They also have health risks and may cause side effects.

Lipistat is the solution that is affordable, convenient and all natural and completely vegetarian as well. Carlon Colcker developed the formula for his patients combining ingredients known to prevent the uptake of harmful lipids and provide cardiovascular protection. Just as heart disease affects men and women, Lipistat can benefit both as well.

It includes ingredients such as oat bran to help with cholesterol, as well as vitamin E, vitamin B6, plant sterols, folic acid, herbs, and omega 3 fatty acids. This mixture helps reduce the lipid levels in the blood and helps protect against the fatty deposits that can obstruct blood vessels. Lipstat combines these helpful substances so that you don’t need to purchase them piece meal.

Although prescription medications are also viable, they can be as much as two to three as expensive as Lipistat. In addition, muscle and liver problems have been reported in people who take such prescriptions. Lipistat is available over the counter, and easy to obtain online with the added option of automatic monthly reorders.

Those who are currently taking prescription lipid controlling medications should not stop them and must discuss using any alternative therapy with their doctor, and everyone should discuss this potent treatment with the physician before starting. A baseline blood test will also allow the results to be assessed in a few months to see the real results and consider changing the prescriptions being used.

To be most effective, you need to combine your use of Lipistat with regular exercise and a diet that is healthy for your heart. While Lipistat should not be used as an excuse to eat a fatty, unhealthy diet, it does provide considerable protection from heart disease’s serious consequences, and therefore should be seriously considered as part of your medical regimen.

It is important for everyone to know ways to prevent heart disease, as it is the number one killer in the U.S. It is a good thing that everyone can take steps to reduce their risk. Plaque develops as a result of both dietary cholesterol and what is naturally produced in the liver. Carlon Colker MD came up with the formula for Lipistat to help his patients. It is inexpensive, natural, vegetarian, and easy to take. It is a combination of substances that help the heart and prevent rising lipid levels in the blood.

– Franklin Tuttle