Colon Cleanse As An Aid To Wellbeing

Colon cleansing,originally known as a cure for constipation has been known now for several thousands of years, and its history of use is also as much old. Colon cleanse is also known as colonic hydrotherapy, colon irrigation and commonly used term, entero-lavage.

There is a general agreement among doctors that enema using purified water can be used to treat impacted bowel, that being its only valid use. However, conventional medical opinion puts only a little value in that procedure and many of the patients and their practitioners strongly disagree.

People who believe in colon cleanse claim that improves the overall health of its subjects. It is caused due to autointoxication or buildup of waste in large intestine, leading to several illnesses, believed to be caused by large amounts of fungi and bacteria in the colon.

The procedure may also offer specific health benefits. The treatment may be able to assist in the relief of chronic fatigue syndrome, bowel complaints, flatulence, cramps, Candida, skin complaints and arthritis. With regular treatment sessions, practitioners claim that the risk of contracting bowel cancer, a disease with some prevalence, is also decreased.

Only a few States in America have laws governing the practice and therefore it is not very well regulated. A list of registered members is being maintained by the Guild of Colon Hydrotherapists and the International Association of Colon Hydrotheraphy. To be ensured by the prospective patients about clean equipment and facilities and experienced practitioners is vital. It is of great risk when training is poor and hygiene is substandard.

A colon cleanse procedure involves a speculum inserted into the rectum through which water at body temperature is injected. Over a gallon of water may be injected depending on the patient. The waste gets cleansed and the practitioner can view it to make certain conclusions. Massaging the patient’s abdomen during the process of enema helps dislodge waste. This treatment is everything but painful.

Sometimes the treatment will be combined with other forms of therapy such as acupuncture or reflexology. Some practitioners also add extra ingredients to the purified water they use. Minerals, salts and even coffee are added by some to the mixture which they claim can have added benefits to health.

Colon cleansing has been around for thousands of years. Many claim it to have health benefit to relieve the colon from toxins, or fungi, and bacteria. Treatments have been know to relieve irritable bowel syndrome, cramps, gas, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Before a person considers such a procedure you must ensure the facilities, and equipment are clean. The practitioner should be skilled. The procedure of a colon cleanse is to insert a tool know as a speculum into the rectum with warm water passing through a tube into you colon. The waste then returns back down the tube. The alternative is to try a colon cleanse in the privacy of your own home with one of the many good cleanse programs available today.

– Craig Tannie