True Potential: Find the Best Mineral Makeup for Your Skin

For many years, mineral cosmetics have been building force in the world of makeup. Many causes have been found for why mineral cosmetics have been welcomed with open arms. The first, and possibly most important reason, is that mineral makeup makes skin look younger. Mineral makeup has a silky texture and glides over skin, smoothing out any lines or wrinkles. It is made up of micronized minerals and pigments that are soft on your skin. Mineral cosmetics do not soak into your skin; instead, it stays smoothed on your skin, giving the perfectly polished look to your skin with ease, even during strenuous workouts. Mineral foundations, eye shadows and blushes offer a wide range of colors to blend perfectly with any skin tone.

There are several other great traits of natural mineral makeup. For example, good mineral makeup is made from all-natural ingredients, without animal products or testing, which is an important factor for many of today’s women. Mineral makeup is even water-resistant, able to stand up to just about anything, even a morning spent at the gym. It would be hard to tell the difference between a woman wearing good mineral makeup, and another who simply had the most perfect complexion in the world.

Also, mineral cosmetics are made with minerals that have been sterilized; which are then ground into a granular powder, which is later combined with inorganic pigments to acquire a multitude vibrant colors of mineral cosmetics.

The last important things to know when choosing a good mineral makeup are these; first,generally, mineral makeup is available exclusively in loose powder form, such as Bare Minerals. While it seems simple enough, it can really be quite messy. Loose powders are often like a silky dust, easily spread around and set to float in the air, only to settle moments later on your clothing and furniture. However, there are now pressed mineral makeup, available from certain manufacturers. These pressed minerals are just as beneficial as all other pure mineral cosmetics, but with the added bonus of being packaged just as traditional compacts. Offering every benefit that come from using mineral makeup, the new high-quality pressed varieties eliminate the only negative aspect of mineral cosmetics, making them the best choice of makeup. Second; it can be hard to know how to apply your mineral makeup, or which brushes to use. The best way to insure that you get the most out of you investment is to make certain that you have the best brushes. A high-quality kabuki brush will be an invaluable addition to your makeup kit; the best are hand-made. Your blush brush should be plush and tapered, as this is what will alow for the effortless, air-brushed look that is so signature of mineral makeup. Using all-natural mineral cosmetics instead of traditional makeup provides noteworthy improvements to your skin.

– Becky Langley