Taking Care of the Root Cause of Acne, Not Just the Symptoms

Acne is a very common skin condition. The formation starts by a hormonal imbalance that makes the sebaceous glands to generate too much sebum (skin oil). Once the excess production has started, oil ‘traps’ debris found on the surface of the skin and clog within pores. Bacteria begin to multiply in this trapped environment, resulting in an infection and swelling also known as a zit.

Acne is a condition that most see as temporary, but it can also stay around all the way to adulthood and beyond. Acne has lots of consequences including reddish or brown spots and acne scarring that can cause permanent imperfections on your skin. This is what people worry about the most, because scars are very difficult to get rid of.

Best Way to Prevent Acne Scarring

An efficient way to inhibit the formation of scarring is to prevent the formation of acne. One method is particularly efficient. Using natural treatments for acne is one of the best strategies you can do to prevent acne. The idea is to start at an early age to prevent picking and squeezing which is the number one cause of scarring. You might question why we recommend natural treatments instead of medical: this is because chemical based creams can aggravate your condition further. When you have acne, your complexion is already sensitive and vulnerable to badly react towards chemical based creams. You need something that can get rid of the problem, without the consequences.

Organic creams that use the secretion of Helix Aspersa Muller are one of the best solutions to control acne. This ingredient is powerful, yet kind for all types of skin. It doesn’t cause any side effects and does not make your condition worse. These creams also treat the root cause of acne, controlling sebum production to prevent the ‘domino effect’ of clogging with debris and bacteria. Natural skin care has been recognized to effectively treat mild to moderate cases of acne in addition to cystic acne.

While on Natural Acne Products

There are several home remedies you can apply along with an effective acne treatment to boost the results and achieving a clearer complexion. Here are two of the best tips to help your treatment along the acne-clearing process.

Buy a Gentle Cleanser: Using a cleanser for acne prone skin is a very good way to see even better results combined with a natural skin care product. This will clean your skin properly, getting rid of dirt from our environment. However, it is good to know that this must be done only two times a day continued by your treatment. Over-washing your face will strip your skin from oil, which is needed to moisturize your complexion. If you have a lack of sebum, your skin will become very dry and irritated.

Get to Know Your Condition: Another great tip is to know what aggravates your condition. There is no real link between acne and diet, but it is known that some people are affected by certain ingredients of foods. These are normally chocolate, spicy and junk food. If you know that you will get a zit by eating a tiny piece of chocolate, keep a long distance from the chocolate. Finding an acne treatment product at an early stage is vital to prevent acne and acne scars. Along with your acne cream, try getting to know what aggravates your ailment to avoid these triggers in addition to using a cleanser to boost the result of your acne care cream.

We know that sebum hardening causes acne, so why don’t use a treatment that will help you control sebum production, dissolve clogging and fight bacteria? BIOSKINCLEAR is a mild, yet powerful acne treatment gel that can help your skin to combat your acne symptoms. This product contains the secretion of the land snail Helix Aspersa Muller to target the root cause of acne.

– Martha Fitzharris