Homemade Colon Cleansing

We all know people that are impulsive clean freaks, yet those same people wash their hands with a antibacterial handwash at every turn completely oblivious to the fact that it contains a very potent ingredient thats been known to cause liver damage. Doesnt make sense does it? But some just dont know what they actually come into contact with on a day to day basis by just using products we take for granted everyday. Toxins are everywhere whether we know about them or not, they are still there. It can be scary to think how much of this can build up in the body over time. Is it any wonder we are having a health crisis? It is in the foods we eat, the air around us, the clothes we wear, the beds we sleep in and so on. There is one method of dealing with these toxins that seems to be catching on more and more and that is colon cleansing with natural herbs.

We are becoming more aware that we truly are what we eat. What we eat or breathe in can have a direct effect on our bodies. We are taking far too many toxics things into our bodies due to the many processed foods that are all around us and too easily, cheaply bought. Just stop and think about all that un-natural food going into our bodies and what it could be doing to our bodies, eating stuff that God hadnt intended humans to eat. Keeping our colon healthy is extremely important as it is the place that this waste accumulates before it is evacuated. This is where the all natural colon cleanse comes in.

Colon cleansers are anything that assist the body in removing the toxins that accumulate in the lower GI and also help promote colon wellbeing. Some such aids are natural, others man-made. Like many man-made pharmaceuticals, man-made colon cleansers tend to be a single pill that either fully activate or suppress a natural function of the body. Their impacts cause stress on the body by making it perform in ways it is not used to, and such harsh measures generally only address one aspect of the total functioning of the system, making their effectiveness limited. In contrast, natural colon cleansers use a carefully selected ingredients that act gently on the body and are used in combination and under strict guidelines in order to help clean and maintain the system.

Another popular fad popping up lately is people wanting to make their own homemade colon cleansers because most of the ingredients used in the natural colon cleanse systems is available seperately. This is good in theory but since most people dont have the specialized knowledge needed to know exactly how much of what or when to take those ingredients, then it is pretty useless to attempt it on your own. Save yourself some money and potential health danger by using a natural colon cleanse system that comes with directions on how to use it properly.

– Craig Tannie