Stages Of Pregnancy: What Every Mother-to-be Should Know

The process of pregnancy and childbirth is nothing short of miraculous, and the nine months of pregnancy encompass a cycle of dramatic changes. Throughout this most critical phase of a woman’s life, it is vital that the woman and her caretakers closely monitor each stage of the pregnancy.

Maintaining a diary during the stages of pregnancy is extremely beneficial. By doing so, it will be easier to track the growth process of the embryo. With this understanding it becomes evident how to fully assist in the nurturing of both the mother’s body and the body of the unborn child.

You should make note of the changes happening in your body. It is very important that you mention any details which seem important to your gynecologist. A woman first needs to conceive in order to become pregnant, and the pregnancy generally lasts nine months. In some situations, the baby might be delivered before these nine months have passed. These nine months are broken down into three stages of pregnancy. This article will explain the stages of pregnancy and the changes you can expect to see.

During the first three months of pregnancy, a women undergoes a tremendous change in her body. These first three months are to be considered the most important. These initial changes can include change in breast size, frequency in urination and many others. It is definitely advisable that a doctor visit be carried out once a week regularly during the first three months of pregnancy. Also of importance, this is when the fetus is starting to grow and develop.

Starting during the second trimester, in about the fourth month of pregnancy, a woman will start noticing visible changes in her body. Within the period from four to six months her belly will increase in size. During the latter part of this time frame, her breasts will enlarge as they begin to fill with milk. Also during this period from month four to month six the most magical part of pregnancy will begin as the mother begins to feel her child moving within her.

The final stage of pregnancy begins from the seventh month. Backache is one common problem that a pregnant woman faces from the seventh month until the delivery of the child. This period of pregnancy (from month 7 to month 9) is perhaps the most important of all the stages of pregnancy. It is also very important to keep on taking “pregnancy pictures” for having better knowledge about the various changes taking place in your body. You can visit a gynecologist for getting some handy “tips for getting pregnant” too.

Throughout this most critical phase of a woman’s life, it is vital that the woman and her caretakers closely monitor each stage of the pregnancy. Therefore, keeping track of the stages of pregnancy, such as by using a journal, is essential. At this critical time, consider not only both the woman’s body, which has changing needs and demands, but also the unborn child with its own complex set of developmental necessities. In order to know in detail about the different stages and changes in the body, pregnancy pictures have to be taken. A visit to a gynecologist will be helpful for getting tips for getting pregnant.

– Patti Palmer