Eliminate Stretch Marks with Proven Techniques

Did you think that stretch marks only happen when you are pregnant or gain too much weight? Think again, this isn’t always true. Often, kids and teenagers develop stretch marks when they grow rapidly, and both female and male weightlifters do too. Because of this, many people wonder how to eliminate stretchmarks.

Usually, skin has the elasticity of a rubber band. Like a rubber band, though, it breaks when the stretch is too much. The skin actually tears with intense stretching. The skin tears, and then heals, creating a scar, so products don’t usually eliminate stretch marks completely. They do, however, help the scars to fade and be much less visible, or almost completely invisible.

One approach is to apply topical treatments, like creams, oils, or lotions, regularly. These creams contain ingredients that exfoliate, or remove dead outer skin layers, which helps to fade the scars.

Sometimes, manufacturers market special oils or creams that advertise that they completely heal scars and eliminate stretch marks. In reality, though, this isn’t completely true. While you can make the stretchmark less visible with fading elements, you’ll also need something that helps tighten the skin in order for the cream to be effective.

Some doctors promote medical procedures that are supposed to help eliminate stretchmarks. Abdominplasty is the chanciest of all of these treatments. It requires that a tiny amount of fat be removed as well as the stretchmark-scarred skin. This is helpful, but usually only done on those who are just a bit overweight, and have very little extra fat that requires removal.

In comparison, dermabrasion is a medical procedure that does not require surgery, in which doctors exfoliate, or remove, the top layer of dead skin cells. This top layer of skin is peeled or abraded off, which causes the scarring to be less obvious, but dermabrasion does not completely eliminate stretchmarks either.

Doctors don’t agree about how effective laser treatments are for stretch marks. Some maintain that laser treatments will fade the scars by up to 50 percent, but others believe that they don’t work nearly this well. Both the laser surgeons and doctors do agree, though, that the laser treatments available right now can’t completely eliminate stretchmarks.

Avoid getting stretch marks as much as possible by keeping skin healthy and maintaining a healthy body weight. However, if you’re already beyond this, consider different ways to EliminateStretchmarks.Also, drink plenty of water; this will help to flush pores and keep the skin hydrated. Use quality lotions and creams for moisturizing, and use firming elements to keep the skin elastic so that stretch marks don’t develop.

Your skin is the most important aspect of your physical appearance, it should not be scarred. Discover what it takes to eliminate stretch marks at EliminateStretchmarksNow.com

– Evelyn Grazini