Take Care Of Your Health Or Miss It When It Is Gone

The most significant factor on this earth is our health and we should do all that we can to maintain the right balance. Unquestionably other things are important also, we all share the need for an sufficient amount of income to survive in the world, we require love and a roof over our head in order to continue a vigorous level of life, but in this author’s opinion, nothing is as important than our health. I’ll not make such statements without a bit more insight.

While my thoughts are my own, they do have substance and are not flights of fancy. I was forunate to have (or had) a very close friend whose focal point in life the acquiring of money, this certainly did not make him a bad individual, quite the reverse is true, more than once he came to me when times were tough desiring to help, now he has departed this earth, he lost his health and then his life. This is not what happens everyday and by no means do I want to paint this piece with despair, rather inspiration.

This is not a debating ground for religious themes, yet I believe fervently that the soul continues and this this life is asimply a rehearsal for what follows; that said I plan to live this life to the fullest, savoring, taking in the air, feeling the excitement of the wind in my face and the brilliance of a colorful sunset. When my journey is at an end, I’ll walk unafraid through the veil, but until that day, I will continue to walk boldly across this earth and this can only be done with my health.

One skeptic wondered! ‘Why is health more important than wealth?’

Very simply, with our health we can strive, we can produce a living, we can generate resumes, go on job interviews, go after our dreams, attempt new endeavors, exceed our expectations, but only when we have the strength and well being to persevere. Where I sit now writing this, I’m looking across the water, it is peaceful and serene and my thoughts are unburdened and can roam and soar, but my thoughts are fired by my body and my body by good nutrition, exercise and a optimistic outlook on life; again, all this is fueled by excellent health.

Each night as I lay down to sleep, I think affimative thoughts, I practice deep breathing, I connect with God (yes I believe He exists), and express thanks for my strength, but I am careful to not take it for granted, I work to keep it that way. Every day (and I do not get up early, favoring late night writing) I’ll perform stretching exercises and mild aerobics to speed up my metabolism. I’m fortunate, I do have good genetics, my dear mother lived to a ripe old age and my grandmother nearly the same, I was taught these practices from them and I do not take these practices, nor my well being for granted.

I suppose I’m on a soapbox, having lost two friends; two friends I thought the world of, but two friends who have now departed from this plane of existence. I do not grieve for them; knowing they now soar in the stars, but I miss them and wish they were here with me.

Is there a moral to any of this…, it is simply to appreciate the life that is given you and to treasure it. While I can give you no unambiguous clue as to what happens when we leave this life, I can offer this counsel.

Live your life to the fullest, and appreciate every breath that you breathe.

June Carr enjoys living life to the maximum potential and that people should experience a blend of Wealth, Health and Success. You can read her articles across the web or visit her at at http://www.wealthhealthsuccess.com

– June Carr