Acne Skin Care – Natural Acne Care Solutions for Pimples

Breakouts are a normal occurrence in adolescents and adults. Many think that it is related to diet or hygiene, but truth is that biological factors have the blame for acne breakouts. Hormonal imbalances that occur during our life cause the excess-production of oil that in hand mix with dirt and bacteria.

As soon as this happens, pores or hair follicles get clogged confining normally occurring bacteria within pores, letting bacteria to reproduce. The immune system acts by sending white blood cells to combat the infection. The immune response to acne lesions causes the area to become swollen and red.

Acne zits are linked to 3 factors that influence their development and when these factors come together, a zit appears.

The Three Acne Causing Factors

Excess Sebum Production: Sebum that normally cares for and lubricates your skin. The excess production of sebum creates a blockage within the hair follicle or pore.

Abnormal Desquamation: Our skin sheds dead skin cells on a regular basis. When a person is affected by acne prone skin, the shedding process makes 4 to 5 times more skin cells than usual.

Bacteria Proliferation: P. Acnes are bacteria that are found in the majority of people’s skin. When pores are clogged because of the two previous mentioned factors, these bacteria start to reproduce inside this blocked environment.

Acne Control – Important Tricks

Know your Skin Type: Before you buy an acne skin care treatment, you should figure out the type of skin you have. Knowing your skin type will help you to get the right product for your skin type, which is important when wanting quicker results.

Stop Squeezing: Picking and squeezing pimples does not only exacerbate the area further causing inflammation and irritation, but it is also the major cause of deep acne scars. Acne scars is something you want to prevent as treatment is long and difficult.

Why Natural Skin Products?

Most man-made treatments can be damaging to certain types of skin. If you are prone to acne blemishes, your skin is already vulnerable and can’t take the hard chemicals that those products have. The most common problem is that those products can make your acne condition even worse.

Skin care products with natural ingredients are the leading treatments for any skin type and acne problem. Even cystic acne can be alleviated with the right ingredients. If you are interested in buying a product that will clear your acne problem, the safest and most efficient ways is by using a natural skin care cream.

Treating your acne problem with natural acne creams is however only effective when using the right ingredients such as treatments with the serum of the mollusk Helix Aspersa Muller. This compound is able to control sebum secretion, control the proliferation of bacteria, unclog pores and regenerate damaged skin to prevent both acne breakouts and acne scarring.

BIOSKINFORTE is an acne skin care cream that treats the root cause of acne. This amazing skin product will balance high sebum output, bacteria proliferation and regenerate the skin to control acne and prevent acne scars.

– Martha Fitzharris