Buying Health Supplements

Whenever you buy any kind of vitamins, minerals, or any other type of health supplements, you need to consider one very important factor first: All vitamins, minerals, and supplements are not created equal. Why is this so? Well, consider the facts. Health supplements, just like anything else, are made by companies. Now what do companies generally like to do? Their focus really is to cut costs and increase profits. That could be a definition for success for businesses, but that is not a success formula for health though.

How does this relate to nutritional supplements? There are many things that can be put into supplements, many extras, to make them cheaper to produce. Two examples are binders and fillers. These ingredients are put there to prevent the other substances from caking together, and they are also used as fillers and to bind the other ingredients. They may serve a purpose but their overuse does not.

There are two common mistakes that a lot of people make when they go to a health food store and buy health supplements. First, they look at the prices of substances. This is generally considered to be a big mistake. People have to remember that nowadays, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. Quality usually comes with a price, like almost anything else. Health is not something a price should be put on.

Second, they look at the quantities. I have known lots and lots of people that compare two products like this. For example, they pick up a bottle of vitamins that indicates 500mg of Vitamin C. The other bottle says only 250mg of Vitamin C. Therefore the fist one must be better. You are not going to absorb the extra amount anyway. Ignore the amount, at least somewhat, and look at the labels. Remember what I said about quality, binders and fillers. If a supplement is full of these items or is a lower quality, forget it.

Ignore the amount and read the labels. If you need any help, ask the staff or salespersons. Unfortunately, some stores hire people without any knowledge at all about the items they are selling, so if you find that the staff doesn’t even know what he’s talking about, then go elsewhere. Here’s a quick rule of thumb: Get the health supplement with the least possible amount of fillers. How do you know? Because when you read the labels like I told you, you will see plenty of extra ingredients. Lots of reputable companies that make quality health supplements are now using recyclable packaging, so this would also be a guide for you.

When buying health supplements, choose good brands. This is something that takes time, but you will get a sense after a while. The better products do tend to be a bit more expensive; however, you will need to take them less frequently to get the same benefits, and you will probably benefit better from doing so.

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– Eric Armstrong