Acne Scars Elimination

Commonly, a mild form of acne occurring in most sufferers doesn’t produce scars, or if it does, the scars erase naturally over time. But people suffering from severe forms of acne such as nodular cystic acne might be left with deep scarring in the skin.

If you suffer from nodules or cyst, rather than trying out any over the counter medication, you better get assisted by a dermatologist. This is because for this form of acne you won’t find any relief or comfort trying out any over the counter acne medication.

A dermatologist will usually recommend isotretinoin and a retinoid to alleviate a case of nodular or cystic acne. With the aid of isotretinoin, the size of oil glands that produce oil is minimized. With this, there is a diminution in the growth of bacteria too. It is usually recommended once or twice a day, with food, for about 15- 20 weeks.

Isotretinoin is a great choice in helping you find an acne cure as it basically prevents scarring. And once your treatment has been completed, you will most likely be healed of your acne condition. However if there is a recurrence of acne after your treatment with isotretinoin, the doctor may either prescribe some other drugs or institute another course of isotretinoin.

However isotretinoin is efficient in the treatment of acne, it can promote birth defects in the embryo. This is why it is very important that women in child bearing years do not get pregnant while taking isotretinoin.

It is crucial that women use two safe forms of birth control for a month before, during, and after stopping medication of isotretinoin. In fact, it is better to ask your doctor when it is considered safe to get pregnant before getting off isotretinoin.

It has also been observed that people using isotretinoin tend to get depressed by the variations of their skin’s aspect. In fact, many cases of suicides and suicide attempts have been registered by people on isotretinoin.

Other side effects of isotretinoin include muscle aches, nosebleeds, changes in blood and liver function and hypersensitivity to the sun. Consult your doctor if you observe that you are experiencing any of these side effects. The doctor may test blood before actually initiating treatment, and during the treatment itself.

Pigmentation and Post Inflammatory Acne Spots

There are also spots and pigmentation associated with acne that are not exactly scars but resemble them in appearance. These disappear eventually but are noticeable enough to cause shyness. Macules are like pseudo- scars, which are sometimes left behind by an inflamed acne lesion. A macule is simply a flat, red spot that is the final stage of any inflamed lesion. Unlike a scar, a macule might take time to disappear, but once it vanishes, it leaves no trace behind.

Then there is the discoloration of skin following the healing of any inflamed acne lesion. It is more frequent in dark skinned people, but might take place in white skin also. This is called “Post inflammatory pigmentation.” It may need treatment by a dermatologist.

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– Martha Fitzharris