Do It Yourself Raw Food Detox Diet

People are becoming more and more aware of their body and their health on a daily basis and are realizing that they need to make changes if they are going to become healthier. The Raw Food Detox Diet uses raw healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds along with other raw foods to cleanse and heal the body.

The reasoning behind this is that when our food is cooked, all of the helpful enzymes become destroyed impairing our digestion and ability to absorb its nutrients.

Now, guys, before you think that you’re going to be eating like a grazing cow with the Raw Food Detox Diet, you should know about some of the things that toxins in your body can do. They can cause all kinds of problems.

Processed foods create free radicals in our bodies which in turn damage our DNA and cause a range of other problems such as heart attack, stroke, heart disease and kidney function issues among others. These nasty free radicals can put liver spots on your skin and even make you age faster! You probably don’t want to be walking up to people with liver spots and wrinkles all over your skin, when you knew you could have had nice young looking skin just by changing your diet.

The Raw Food Detox Diet gives your body a nice cleanse of the dangerous toxins lurking within. If you want to do it properly, your diet should be 75% whole raw foods. That means you can still enjoy some of your favorite meals with your friends and family on special occasions.

All types of meat should be avoided, along with processed sugars, caffeine and alcoholic beverages. Using this diet to take care of your body is actually enjoyable. You get to enjoy the tastiest foods on earth, straight from mother nature herself including great things such as nuts and grains. You will be gaining so much more than you will ever need to give up. Try it today.

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– Jessica A