Dry Skin Care: Finding the Right Acne Treatment

Since dry skin can also be sensitive it may become irritated when using a soapy cleanser. In order to avoid this you should use oil instead. Non-comedogenic oils, such as castor oil and olive oil, are a great way to clean your face without clogging your pores. Plus, it keeps your face from drying out during the cleansing process.

To use oil, apply and massage 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil on your face. Once you’ve let the oil settle for a minute or two, use a warm, moist washcloth to remove the oil.

If you’re looking for what would be an effective all natural treatment, then you can try using tea tree oil instead of benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is great for treating acne, but it can be a little too harsh for dry skin. Any product used on your face should be gentle enough as to avoid irritation.

This natural acne remedy is quite simple to use. Simply soak a cotton ball with water and add three to four drops of tea tree oil. Apply this diluted mix to the affected area. If your skin can withstand it, you can also use tea tree oil in its undiluted form.

Finally, apply your moisturizer. The proper amount of moisturizing cream can help balance out the natural oils in your skin. In fact, this can actually help reduce the frequency of acne breakouts. You can freely reapply moisturizer as needed.

If you prefer using traditional products to natural acne solutions make sure to do a patch test before applying a new product all over your face. You can begin by using the product once a day or every other day. Once your skin becomes accustomed, increase the frequency of use.

Remember that inadequate acne treatment can lead to acne scars. So, choose your skin care routine and acne products with care.

Acne triggers are not well understood by experts. Fortunately, proper acne control can be achieved when using the right natural skin products. If you have acne problems you can try an acne treatment cream like BIOACNECARE, to keep your acne under control in a gentle fashion. The components within this particular facial cream work to restore the skin’s natural repair process that helps build new collagen and degrades damaged skin cells.

– Sara Kitch