Chemotherapy Vs. Natural Treatments

If you have cancer, you may already know that chemotherapy is one of the common cancer treatments. Also, do you know that you won’t come out healthier after you’ve had chemotherapy treatments? In most respects, you will come out of it worse than before you started the chemo.

Chemotherapy actually destroys your vital organs and affects the way they function. This includes your liver, kidneys, heart and more. When you visit your doctor, and he or she says that you have so many months to live, and that you need to seek treatment, this can be one of the scariest things you will ever have to go through.

Your instincts will tell you to listen to everything your doctor tells you. If, on the other hand, he says you need chemotherapy, get another opinion. Natural treatments are very effective. Natural treatment specialists who are experts in their field will help heal both your mind and body.

A good natural treatment specialist will never approach you by telling you that you only have so long to live. They will encourage you and support you in your treatment. They will celebrate your success.

Any doctor who sets limits on your life isn’t wise. Many patients were told by their doctors that they will only live a few months, or that they will never walk again. Many of those same patients proved those doctors wrong.

Doctors make mistakes too. Just because they have MD after their name doesn’t mean they know everything, so it’s up to you to learn your options. Learn about natural cancer treatments. You may be surprised to find out how effective they are!

Don’t allow a doctor to limit your life and expose you to poison that will kill you, and don’t limit your own knowledge just because you are afraid.

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– Jessica P