Burn Fat And Remove The Underlying Reason Behind Fat Build-up

One of the most popular programs to reduce excess fat and keeping it off is the one promoted by health guru Kevin Trudeau. Trudeau’s system is not a specific diet, but more of an eating lifestyle so that you can burn fat efficiently and keep it off.

Our bodies instinctive store fat as a reserve against future lean times. Because we didn’t burn fat indiscriminately, this instinct served primitive man well. Modern men and women, however, don’t need to store fat any longer and are thus often overweight. Eating carefully and intelligently will help us avoid this tendency to store fat.

Trudeau has learned something that was discovered by a doctor in England over half a century ago that aids in utilizing control of the appetite through understanding the hypothalamus gland. This gland produces hormones that regulate, along with other organs in the system, things such as hunger and how our bodies burn fat or store fat

There are many ways to reset your hypothalamus so that your body is better able to achieve the proper weight. For example, switch to foods that don’t trigger the hypothalamus to store fat. This means cutting out simple sugars and syrups. Instead, look for foods that are high in fiber and complex carbohydrates. These types of foods are more slowly absorbed by the body and do not signal the hypothalamus to store fat.

Foods that stoke up the metabolic fire and burn fat actively are also recommended by Trudeau. One particular ingredient that bumps up the thermostat is spicy chili pepper of any kind. Grapefruit, he says, has special enzymes that also speed up the metabolism. Eating this fruit during the day can reduce hunger pangs and increase fat burning. Trudeau also recommends organic foods whenever possible and staying away from all artificial sweeteners.

Two other Trudeau suggestions include not eating after six at night and using colon cleanses to detoxify the body. Late eating is believed to be more likely to store fat than eating during more active hours. Colon cleansing is advocated since a system low in toxins is a more efficient “machine” with a tuned-up metabolism. Combined with knowing which foods to emphasize and which to avoid, these suggestions are the cure Trudeau advocates for anyone who wants to burn fat and thus achieve real weight control for life.

Although there are currently an abundance of regimes and diets to help people lose weight permanently, a consistently popular method is the one created by well-known author and health commentator Kevin Trudeau. Suggestions that Trudea gives include the use of colon cleansers to help detoxify the colon, and not eating after six in the evening. Trudeau also recommends foods that he believes can stoke up the metabolic fire, such as spicy chili peppers. The combination of his tips with the knowledge of the proper foods to emphasize in your diet, are the Weight Loss Cure for those wanting to burn fat and gain true control over their weight.

– Thomas Turner