Foods That Contain Potassium? Read The Facts

Researching and finding a worthy list of foods high in potassium these days, has nearly become a joke. The majority of the information spreading across the Internet is regurgitated rhetoric, rearranged, repackaged and ultimately redone to be showcased as new. Giving a reader a list of foods high in potassium, without first presenting the bigger picture, is anything, but ideal, or healthy.

It is my desire that my humble effort to help those seeking potassium help, make the truth known and hopefully put words to my experiences that have led to my healthy lifestyle, without disease, or pain. Before we detail the high potassium foods and their components, let us first discuss the importance of potassium in the human body, blood, and how it could be a contradicting force if it is not properly maintained.

Is It High Potassium Or Low Potassium?

It is unfair to just assume a deficiency or excess of potassium in the body should be countered by radical, opposite actions to bring potassium levels back inline. This is a predictable ‘cure-all’ on ‘health sites’ online. Silly as it seems, whether all natural or not, is to just do the reverse that ultimately resulted in either having high potassium or low potassium.

Another way of saying it, although it might be logical at least in theory when the human body is depleted by a mineral can be resolved by adding or subtracting the intake of said mineral, or nutrient, potassium in this situation until your ailment lessens or disappears entirely.

And that is exactly why so many run to the internet in order to diagnose and get information previously warned about from often absolutely dangerous sites (the ‘reporting’ found on Wikipedia represented as medical fact could kill you) that misrepresent factual statements, misinterpret medical meanings, and overtly lie in a distasteful display of manipulation to persuade you to buy into an agenda, often the result of you parting with your money.

Foods the boast high potassium include, but are not limited to: bananas, dates, black strap molasses, brewer’s yeast (not the same as the yeast you bake with – brewer’s yeast is an natural supplement that you can find in most health stores, or on the internet), brown rice, dulse (which is a form of sea weed, usually sold in flat sheets dried and in the ethnic sections at natural grocers – think sushi), garlic, dried fruits, winter squash, wheat bran, nuts, figs, herbs.

And that list of foods high in potassium is just the starting point. I will be adding more to this list in future weeks, addressing the low in potassium foods list and growing it as time permits.

Also of note before you go diving into your high potassium or low potassium diet plan; keep this in mind.

If you have any issues with your kidney function, you experience frequent bouts of vomiting, or you smoke, or you consume caffeine regularly, each and / or in together will effect your potassium levels negatively.

For an ever growing resource about potassium levels and a list of foods rich in potassium go to the potassium site focused on just that.

– Jackie Black