So You Have The Dreaded Runners Knee

Experiencing symptoms of runners knee? Let me tell you my story. I’m a young and healthy person who likes running, jogging, marathons, and other outdoor activities. When I stay active, I am able to relax and clear my head. So, when I developed Runner’s Knee, I just about lost my mind.

I almost always run every day, and sometimes I’ll compete or run marathons. But then I developed serious pain in my right knee last summer. So I went to see the doctor, who told me that I would need to stop running while I was in this condition. I could’ve slapped him.

Normally, the joints in your knee glide smoothly against cartilage in the knee. With Runner’s Knee, the knee rubs against the joints and can cause some intense pain. That was what I was going through. I’ll tell you, it’s no fun.

I got myself a book, a bottle of Vicodin, and tried to get friendly with my couch. This absolutely drove me insane! I wanted to get up and run, but my Runner’s Knee wasn’t going to let me do that for a while.

In keeping myself sane, here is what I discovered. You can only buy so many things advertised in informercials before you realize that they never seem to work! There is a reality TV show for every single situation in life you could ever dream of. It really is impossible to read the encyclopedia.

God actually created heating pads to heal the whole world. There’s still nothing to watch, no matter how many thousands of channels you have. Finally, my knee got better and now I am running again. I can only describe those few weeks in my life as ‘Hell Week!’ Well, time to go for a run! Speak to you soon.

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– Jessica P