Weight Loss Cure: A Revolutionary Approach

There are many diet and weight loss programs to consider when you need to lose weight and one often discussed is promoted by Kevin Trudeau. His weight loss cure is praised by many and criticized as well. It is a natural food diet promising to burn fat through careful food selection, timing of meals and the use of medical injections.

In this weight loss cure dieters switch to natural, hopefully organic foods with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and good proteins. It is low calorie and after about six at night, no food is eaten, which prevents the accumulation of fat. The diet requires users to avoid sugars and other refined foods since these types of food cause the pancreas and the pituitary and hypothalamus glands to be overstimulated..

One of the controversial aspects of this weight loss cure is the use of hormone shots to burn fat. Beta human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced during pregnancy. Its use in this program has been problematic. It is unclear what its possible side effects can be for someone not pregnant. Can it be effective for a person not pregnant? Then there are some folks who don’t like shots at all. All these factors need to be considered.

Another aspect of the diet that is debated is the extensive use of colon irrigations during the beginning weeks of the weight loss cure, and the recommendation to do this routinely. Although safe for most people, some do not accept Trudeau’s belief in autointoxication from the colon. In addition, the idea of colon irrigations and enemas is not a pleasant prospect for many dieters.

This program works by increasing the rate of metabolism that in turn will help to burn more fat. And burning of fat is directly linked to weight loss. Administering colonics and hormone injections triggers the whole process. Eating meals at suggested time is also critical to combat fat storage. It is important to stay away from foods that lead to fat storage or those increase appetite.

Trudeau’s weight loss cure has as many strong supporters as it does detractors. Numerous users claim that Trudeau’s protocol helped them lose weight after many previous efforts ended in failure. As with any weight loss program, talk to your doctor before starting with Trudeau’s plan. While the plan is fairly safe for most people, some people are advise to avoid hormone injections or colonics. The results of the program are its most important test.

If you are thinking about losing weight there are many diet and weight loss programs to consider. One of the programs that is often discussed is promoted by Kevin Trudeau. It consists of a natural food diet that promises, through careful food selection, timing of meals, and the use of medical injections, to burn fat. Foods that trigger fat storage or that increase appetite are proscribed. Trudeau’s weight loss cure has got both of them- believers and knockers. The believers claim of having experienced significant weight loss. Only the results would prove to be a real test for this program.

– Thomas Turner