Making a Marathon Training Schedule You Can Stick To

It can be difficult to determine a good marathon training schedule and then stick to it. There are too many temptations to eat an entire chocolate cake in one sitting (I know.)

Since I am now the voice of experience, I can give you some tips on what you SHOULDN’T do so that you’ll successfully stick with your schedule. Once you’ve decided on your marathon training schedule, you should keep a few things in mind.

- Running very quickly for three minutes does not substitute jogging for thirty minutes. You will actually need to do the jogging that you’ve outlined on your schedule.

- If you have planned to run every weekend for three months, and can’t find the motivation, try what I did. My husband drove the car about three feet in front of me dangling a snickers bar out the window.

- When you break in your jogging shoes for the marathon, that means putting them on and running with them. Please put away the meat mallet now.

- A bottle of Jack Daniels is not a ‘running partner’. Choose a human as your running partner.

- When I say ‘stick with your marathon training schedule,’ I don’t mean taping the paper to your butt.

- While you’re jogging those three miles back home, resist the temptation to hitchhike.

- It is neither advisable, nor sanitary to take a small nap in the ditch off the side of the road.

Here’s another trick for finding the motivation you need to stick with your running training schedule: Imagine the faces of your competitors when you finish first place. Visualize them crying, howling, and roaring as you use false modesty although all the while you’re thinking, “No autographs please, just gaze upon the champion!” Good Luck with your marathon!

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– Candace Right