Is Chemotherapy Really Necessary?

Cancer is tragic, and what is even more tragic is that people are so scared when they hear that they have cancer that they go straight to chemotherapy. For the most part, people don’t give themselves enough time to learn the truth about all their treatment options. Cancer scares them too badly.

Chemotherapy kills cancer cells because it is poison. Think about that. If it’s destroying cancerous cells, then imagine what it is doing to your healthy cells.

Here is the logic underlying chemotherapy: You undergo the treatment at the doctor’s advice in an attempt to destroy cancerous cells before the chemo damages your body so much that it kills you first.

When chemo proves unsuccessful, that’s because it is killing your body faster than it will be able to kill all your cancer cells. This is the reason why people undergoing chemo treatment become violently ill, lose their hair, and vomit. They feel as though they are dying– and that’s because they are.

But natural treatments, on the other hand, can be be extremely effective about fighting cancer without jeopardizing your body. Natural medicine specialists will never give you treatments that will make you sick, or damage your vital organs the way chemotherapy does. It damages your kidneys, heart, and liver.

The fact is, chemotherapy isn’t necessary for all cases. You owe it to yourself to learn about all your treatment choices first. Discover for yourself the truth about natural treatments and chemo.

Talk to someone who has undergone chemotherapy for their cancer. Talk to somebody who has successfully used natural cancer treatments. And most importantly, don’t limit yourself to the one option of chemotherapy just because your doctor tells you so. You are entitled to a second, third, even a twelfth opinion.

Keep on searching until you learn the truth. Find out the best options that will keep you healthy.

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– Candace Right